Jack of all Trades – 53

An Adventurer’s Duty

He sat behind a brown desk that looked like it was crafted to maximize the beauty of the wood. The guild master of Spiris’ adventurer’s guild sat on a large chair behind this desk. This man called Bordow had flaming red hair and was in a well-worn guild uniform. The overall impression I got from looking at him was that he was huge. His eyebrows were the same red as his hair, and the eyes beneath them had a piercing look as they fixed on me. And while the words that came from his mouth were polite, his appearance was very intimidating.


“So you are Asagi. And you must be Daniela. Is that right?”

“Yes, that is right. Asagi Kamiyashiro.”

“Daniela Villesilf.”


The guild worker who brought us here showed us to our seats. I felt like we were at a job interview… Bordow saw that we had taken our seats before glancing over to the guild worker. Apparently, that was enough to send the guild worker flying out of the room.




Bordow stood up and walked closer to us. I had no idea what was going to happen and tensed up a little, but Bordow only sat down on top of his desk.


“You, did you really kill that wyvern!?”


It was like his personality had suddenly changed. Or maybe he just reverted back.


“Ye-yes. But, it was only after Rex and the others dealt a lot of damage. I did the rest alone.”

“No need to be modest here! That is just incredible! Damaged or not, a wyvern is a wyvern. A Peridot killing a wyvern solo, it is unheard of!”


He slapped his thighs and roared as he sat on his desk. Well, he was quite a character, this guy. I looked to Daniela to see what she was doing. She had a triumphant expression. I suppose it was like being proud of a family member…


“Have you ever done something like that before? You must tell me! Consider this an order from your guild master!”

“I have never heard of such an order…”


Daniela said with some puzzlement. Likely, there was no such thing in their rule book. There was no way there was.

Well, one still had to obey the guild master. Of course, I could also not tell him everything either. And so I just started with ‘I was on a hill before I knew it…’ I also kept Beowulf’s enchantment a secret. I did not know if that was something I should tell him.


□   □   □   □


“…And that’s how it happened. And now I am here.”

“I see…interesting. Very interesting, Asagi. You truly are an ‘Adventurer.’”


Bordow said with some relish. I couldn’t help but feel some pride in being praised as an adventurer.


“However, there is one thing that I haven’t heard from you yet…”


So saying, Bordow lay down on his desk and opened one of the drawers in order to pull out a sheet of paper. There was something very sloth-like about him. We sipped at some fruit water that had been brought to us as we watched him. Ahh, I had really talked to much, my throat had become very dry.


“I have not heard about this ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ that you have. It is related to Beowulf, is it not?”



I spat out the water all over the copy of my status that he held in front of me.


How the hell did he have that!? Oh, because it’s the guild!! So then, nothing on my status card could be hidden!! I feel like an idiot!


“Why did you hide it? Surely, you could not have just forgotten to tell me?”


Bordow glared at me through narrowed eyes. This did not look like something I could avoid… I looked at Daniela. She smiled gently and nodded. I understood then. I knew that she would always be on my side, no matter what… It almost made me emotional.

I nodded back and then told Bordow the reason.


“I have researched about enchantments from monsters before. I didn’t learn anything specific, but they say that the act of receiving an ‘enchant from monsters’ itself is a problem. Because there are organizations that think all monsters should be expelled. I was even told that an army could be sent to deal with me as a disturbance. It’s a great skill, but it’s also a dangerous one. It just wasn’t something that I thought I could tell the master of the adventurers guild.”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. A real guildmaster in a real organization would not explain to Asagi other than to say it is normal guild policy to research exceptional circumstances. Trade secrets as well as security secrets need to remain secret after all. Of course, this is a WN and Asagi is the main character, so….

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