Jack of all Trades – 315

Arriving in the Imperial Capital


I woke up on the floor and then stretched my sore body. Then I took out my face washing tools from the hollow bag, which I had been using as a pillow, and then went outside. I washed my face with water I made with magic, and then brushed my teeth before returning to the house to chew on some bread. We’d be returning to the imperial capital today. Thankfully, the weather was quite nice.

“We can finally go back…”

I muttered. It had been a long battle. Perhaps on the same scale as the battle against the orcs. That had really worn me out mentally… Was Arthur doing well? I still needed to return the holy sword, so it would be nice if we could meet him again.

“Ah, you are already up.”

“Yeah. Morning.”

It was quite rare for Daniela to be up this early. I thought she would be the last one to get out of bed, but perhaps she was only like that when it was just us. In spite of just getting out of bed, she looked wide awake.

After that, a less awake looking Marcel and a normal looking Silket came out of their room and we had breakfast. I had already eaten earlier. But that didn’t stop me.

After having a pleasant meal around the table, it was time to clean up. As we didn’t have the tools with us, we had to use what was in the house. We swept the floor and wiped the tables and made the bed. By the time we were done and had picked up our belongings, a voice rang from outside.

“Heeey! We’ll be leaving soon!”

“Got it!”

I answered to the Jade who had been sent to call everyone. I made sure that we hadn’t forgotten anything, and then we stepped out of the house.

Then we headed to the main square. The others had already gathered together. We had fought a lot, but everyone was alive. It was the result of good teamwork and obeying the orders of a solid leader. This wouldn’t have happened if it was every man for himself. They would have had trouble just building the campsite at the frontline. So we were pretty lucky to have the members that we had.

“Oh, are you late? Silvergreeen.”

“It’s common courtesy to clean up after yourselves!”


I lightly kicked the snow with my Legs of the God Wolf enhanced foot. Needless to say, Adlus was covered in snow by the time I stepped into the line. Adlus spit out the snow that got into his mouth and then coughed as a way of bringing back a more serious atmosphere.

“Mm, so. You’re all here now. We will now begin our journey back to the city. But the quest doesn’t end until we reach the guild. So keep your guard up.”

Everyone answered and then the march began. Felz was with us. The villagers back in the city were probably worried to death over him…

It could have just been me, but everyone seemed light on their feet as they walked. They were almost cheerful. Of course, they still remained cautious. They were Adventurers after all. As for me, all I was thinking about was a warm bath and eating lots of good food…

We didn’t encounter any trouble on the road. It was peace itself. When I asked about it, I was told that monsters rarely appeared in this area, to begin with. Even more so because it was the icesnow season. The Adventurer I had asked was born in the imperial capital.

“A stampede like this has never happened before.”

“Hmm…it must have been quite a shock then.”

“Exactly. The guild was frantic as it tried to gather a team together.”

Well, I guess it was something that was difficult to be prepared for… An attack involving an abnormally evolved being and ancient elves. We’d all be happy if it was a once every hundred years kind of deal.

“Makes you really appreciate the times of peace…”

“Yeah. Ah, you can see the city now.”

“Ohh. I feel like I’m coming back home.”

“Well, you are…”

And like that, we finished the mission and returned to the imperial capital. I had fought and made new friends. I would have to try to use this experience so that I could continue to survive…


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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