Jack of all Trades – 315


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The Namila villagers who were now protected by the city were being housed at the military lodging facility that Daniela and I had stayed at previously. We were told this by a soldier who came out to greet us at the gate. So, we just had to return Felz to them and this whole business would be over.

“Don’t do anything dangerous like that again. The villagers have enough to worry about.”

“I know. Miss Marcel and Silket already told me that.”
“Good. Then I have nothing left to say to you.”

We had stayed in the north district long enough to get through by just having our faces recognized. And so we entered and went straight to the military lodging facility. We met a few acquaintances on the way and so I waved. Whenever this happened, Felz would look at me with an expression of awe, which was quite embarrassing.

However, it was the person we were the most acquainted with that ran up to us.

“Ah, Mister Asagi!”

“Miss Licoris. It’s been a while.”

It was Licoris Ladiaray, the woman who had guided us through the north district. Was she guiding someone else today?

“I hadn’t seen you in so long, I assumed you had traveled off already…”

“No, we were just on a quest to deal with a stampede in the north. We succeeded and have only just returned.”

“I see…oh!”

“What is it?”

Miss Licoris suddenly stopped her nodding and shouted loudly, much to my surprise. Well, Daniela more than me.

“Someone has gone missing. It’s the chief’s second son. Mister Asagi, you wouldn’t have happened to see him?”


I glanced over to Felz. He had gone pale. Perhaps the words ‘gone missing’ carried more weight than he was expecting.

“Could it be…is that him?”

“Yeah. I saved him when he was being attacked by a goblin outside of the city. He said he had left because he wanted to protect the town.”

“Thank heavens…he is safe. Oh, so you must be on your way to return him to his guardian?”

“Yes. Or should I leave him with the military?”

“No, there shouldn’t be a problem if you do it. People recognize you here and I can report to them for you. That is, if you don’t mind?”

I nodded willingly. That had been my original intention anyway. Make sure Felz got back safely. 

“Well, I must be going now. Thank you, Mister Asagi.”

“Yes. Be careful.”

Miss Licoris fell into her always perfect salute and then went running off towards the castle. Things should settle down now. We just had to finish delivering Felz.

“Hello, Mister Hipericam.”

“…Hmm? Oh, it’s you, Mister Asagi. What is it? Did you get kicked out of your inn?”

The man who looked up to greet us was in charge of this lodging facility. He always looked drowsy.

“No, that’s not it. We came to deliver this boy. He’s from Namila village.”

“Ahh. The one that was reported missing… Well, well. If you only knew how they were searching so desperately for him.”

Yes, I had heard something. I guess everyone knew about it now… And it was no wonder…

“Well, I will make a report about him being found then. You should take him back to his guardian now.”

“Ah, Miss Licoris said she was going to do that.”

“Her… Well, she’s certainly an active one, isn’t she? Hmm. Oh, you’ll be wanting to go to room 316. I believe it’s the same room you and Miss Daniela used when you were staying with us.”

The memories. It was a good room.

We left Hipericam and I held Felz’s hand as we went up the stairs. A few other people recognized us and we greeted them. As for Felz…he was starting to look very nervous.

“What’s wrong?”

“…I’ll probably get in trouble.”

“No, you definitely will get in trouble…”

He had left the city in the middle of a stampede. Crying wasn’t going to get him out of it.

“…Mister Asagi, you can talk on my behalf.”

“Don’t be stupid. You started this. You’ll never become an adult if you can’t deal with the consequences of your actions.”


To his credit, he continued to climb the stairs without running away. Even Daniela seemed a little impressed as she nodded approvingly.

“Besides, I think he’ll also be very happy.”


“His father died, but his little brother has returned alive. How could he not be happy?”


Daniela had lost both of her parents… Perhaps she understood how Felz’s brother felt.

“Go and face his anger, and then accept his embrace. And everything will be solved.”

“…Fine. I don’t mind if I’m scolded. I’ll say that I’m sorry and tell him that it’s all over!”

“Yes, that’s good.”

“I can go by myself from here. Thank you for bringing me.”

He hadn’t been scolded yet, but Felz had the determined expression of a man. He would be fine.

“Go and face him then. We’ll be waiting downstairs.”

“Yes. See you later!”

The room was just up ahead now. I handed the key to Felz and he walked towards the door without hesitation. We watched him disappear into the room and then left.

It went without saying, but the sounds of angry shouting and crying could be heard immediately.

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