Jack of all Trades – 53


After that, I even showed him how the silver and jade wind wrapped around my legs. Bordow’s eyes widened for a moment, but he quickly calmed himself. Then he returned his gaze to the soaking wet paper.


“…I see. It is true that it could cause trouble. If anyone says that you are causing a disturbance, then there may be people who would want to add you to their fighting force. You should be able to do a lot with those legs, after all.”


That was true. It would be the worst if I was sent off to fight in a war. I was an adventurer, not a soldier.


“However, you are an adventurer. Adventurers have a duty to live freely. In that case, there could be no good reason to have you arrested. You understand? No one should tie you down, put you in a cage like a little bird. There is no need for you to live while always caring about how others perceive you.”


Adventurers had to live freely, huh… I see. Living was the adventure.


“I guess that trouble is just part of the adventure then?”

“Aye, it is indeed! You are like the protagonist of a story! And I do enjoy a good story!!”


Bordow said excitedly as he spread both of his arms out and shouted. Well, it was true that all of this sounded a lot like a fantastical story. But it was real for me. I never saw myself like that, and I knew that the worst kinds tragedies could happen at any moment.


“But could you call it freedom if I was always being pursued?”

“You must enjoy that as well. You are not alone. Even when things get hard, you can share the burden together!”


Daniela put her hand on my shoulder. There were no words, but her eyes told me that she would always be on my side. I nodded with a look of gratitude. Boldow laughed happily as he saw us.


“Yes, yes indeed! Now, I will use my authority as a guild master! This authority has been absolute for many years. And it is law. Something that all adventurers must obey!’


I gulped. I did not have much faith in any orders or use of authority coming from this man.


“As is the law of the adventurers guild, ‘Great adventurers must have an alias’! Asagi, as the guild master, I hereby give you the name, Silvergreen!!”

“Ah, what a fine name, Asagi. A fine name.”

“I don’t want an alias! No!!”

“What!? This is my order as guild master!! It will be sent to all of our branches!!”

“Don’t you dare!! You bastard!!”

“I want an alias as well…Bordow, can you think of one?”

“Daniela, eh? A light elf who is adept with the wind. How about, Lightwind?”

“You just put the two words togeth…”

“Yes, I like it!”

“…You do…?”

“It is settled then. Silvergreen and Lightwind. That is what we shall use to communicate!”

“Uhhh…damn it…are we in junior high school…?”


Bordow, the guild master of Spiris. He was clearly a man of action, but I wasn’t quite sure about the things that came out of his mouth… Well, there was nothing I could do now that it was finalized.

He said that it was our duty as adventurers to live freely. I couldn’t go around in life without thinking at all, but it did make me think that I could spare to think a little less about everything. It was important to have fun. This was my second shot at life. It would not be so bad to just live as I pleased.

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Poor Asagi is clearly traumatized by nicknames…


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