Makai Hongi – 58

Chapter 58


I suddenly realized that everyone was kneeling except for me.

Well, I was just late.

It was my fault for just staring as General Farneze appeared.

I hadn’t been looking at what the others were doing at all.

What should I do? It would look weird if I frantically dropped to my knee now… It was as I was thinking this that the General herself gave me permission.

“It’s fine. I don’t expect perfect manners from an ogre.”

I see. It was true that ogres were not the most sensitive when it came to manners.

However, I was a little more capable than most ogres.

I could do something as simple as kneeling if I wanted to… Of course, I wouldn’t do it now. It was too late.

General Farneze stood on an elevated platform in the center and looked down at us.

“I have seen all of the reports of the battle.”

Her cool voice echoed through the hall. It was a good, clear voice.

General Farneze had what could be described as a very western, beautiful face.

Her skin was sickly in how pale it was, which was common in vampires. 

On the other hand, her lips were a vibrant red.

This was a good contrast. She had all the charisma of a Hollywood star.

“Your defense during the last battle…”

General Farneze continued.

Apparently, she wasn’t lying about having read the report.

She had all of the information about the battle on the lookout hill.

She even knew about the movements of the other Commanders, which I didn’t.

And while I had heard some of it during our strategy meetings, there was a lot that was news to me, though it made total sense.

This General was impressive.

“Furthermore, you attacked the Gigant Centaur’s camp…”

She moved onto my army.

There wasn’t any exaggeration or even brushing over of details.

She just relayed the truth as it happened.

As far as I was aware, it was the kobolds that made the reports. They were completely void of emotion. I didn’t really expect that from them.

“…With all of this considered, I award Corps Commander Nehyor with the Silver Wing Emblem. Furthermore, each of the Commanders will be given the Bronze Saber Tooth Emblem.”

They all bowed deeply.

…Should I do that too?

I was still standing.

Maybe I could bend forward like a shrimp. It might be humorous.

…Of course, I would never do that. And so I did a proper bow.

General Farneze seemed to have finished her speech. And a subordinate came out holding a tray. The emblems were on top of it.

That’s when everyone stood up. Now we were all lined up perfectly. I didn’t stick out anymore.

And then General Farneze went down the line and stuck the emblems onto us.

I suppose it was like the military decorations they had in my previous life. The only difference was that these didn’t come with any letters of appreciation.

“…Corps Commander Nehyor. For your considerable contribution…”

I saw him straighten his back. Even he was not his usual self here.

He looked very serious.

“I am thinking of giving you a reward for destroying the enemy Corps Commander. What do you want? Of course, it will have to be within my authority.”

“In that case, I think I’d like permission to see that underground library.”

He was back to his normal self.

Apparently, he had already considered what he wanted in advance.

Still, permission to see some books? He was lacking in ambition for someone who had killed the enemy chief.

“That is Lesser Demon King Melvis’s library. I don’t know what the other two Generals will say to that…”

Or not? The General seemed a little troubled.


Makai Hongi

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