Makai Hongi – 58


“But you’re one of the people who manage it, right?”

Apparently, each of the three Generals had a key to this library.

“I do have a key, yes. However, no one under a General has ever been allowed to enter it…”

General Farneze thought about it for a moment.

“…Very well. But one of my men will go with you. I will allow that.”

“Thank you. Wonderful!”

Well, Corps Commander Nehyor had fulfilled his goal.

“I will talk to the other two Generals. …Now, the one who defeated two of the enemy Commanders. Golan.”


“I shall also give you a reward. …Do you also want to look at an underground library?”

Was she going to make me monitor him? Does that make her job easier?

“No, I…I want something that can replace this.”

I said as I took out the sword, still in its sheath.


Farneze looked at one of her subordinates, who then took the sword from me and brought it over to her.

“…A thin, one-sided blade.”

Muttered the General as she unsheathed the sword.

“Yes, I think there was a similar sword in the weapon room…”

“General, I think that Golan really wants the Deep Sea Dragon Blade.”

Interrupted Corps Commander Nehyor.

“The Deep Sea Dragon Blade…but that is in my mansion…hmm?”

What? Why did Nehyor seem to be so interested in getting me the weapon?

To make his army stronger? I didn’t understand.

“Golan. Do you really want the Deep Sea Dragon Blade?”

“Yes. If possible, I want it.”

Hey, I was a man who was capable of reading the room.

“…Very well. As it is my personal property, I don’t need anyone’s permission to give it to you. However, that also means I can’t leave it to anyone else. You will have to come directly to town so I can give it to you.”

“I see. Thank you.”

My sword was returned and I thanked her.

By the way, there was no reward for Lobos and the others.

Unlike the emblems, only those who killed the heads of the enemy army were rewarded.

And like that, the ceremony…no, it hadn’t ended yet.

“Well, why don’t we have a little chat now?”

Apparently, General Farneze had no other plans for the day. And she was curious about the new Commander, me.

But it would happen here. Nehyor and the others remained as well.

I supposed the General wanted some lighter conversation.

“Still, are you really an ogre?”

She said casually as she came down from the platform.

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