Tensei Kenja – 27


…So there were other ones.

In that case, perhaps…


‘Do you think that has anything to do with the monster outbreak?’


‘Hmm. I don’t know!’


‘The Dryad said that monsters might come out!’


…I see. So there was a possibility.

I would have to tell the Manager about all of this.


But maybe not about the Dryad. I would feel bad for her if people targeted her to get more of the flowers.


“I was just talking to a slime that is stationed far away. I think I might know the reason for this outbreak.”


“The reason?”


“Yeah. When I went to pick these flowers, there was this cursed magic stone nearby. And when I destroyed it…monsters started coming out. According to monsters that were close by at that time, the stone was put there by humans.”


“A cursed magic stone!? …Are you sure!?”


…His reaction was stronger than I was expecting.

Perhaps he knew something about it.


“Do you know where it might have come from?”


“No, I don’t… But Yuji, as lacking in common knowledge as you are, surely you have heard the story of the Kingdom of Eigia?”


“Kingdom of Eigia?”


No, hadn’t heard of it at all.


“…You really don’t know?”




Was it really that famous?

Well, it wasn’t as if I was raised in this world. So of course, I wouldn’t know.


“Long ago, the Kingdom of Eigia was destroyed by a cursed magic stone. Though, we don’t know if the magic stone was the real reason… But what is true, is that a magic stone had suddenly appeared and that the great kingdom declined and fell in only three years.”


I see. Well, that was a story.


However, the magic stone I had seen didn’t seem like it could destroy a great kingdom in three years.

It was probably a different one… Well, I should at least ask about its distinct features.


“…By the way, this magic stone that destroyed a kingdom. What did it look like?”


“We only have a little information that reached the guild before the kingdom fell. …But it was black in color and did not shine. It destroyed anything it touched, so that it could not be moved or broken. Humans would die. Also…all vegetation would wilt as well. But we don’t know how that led to the fall of the kingdom.”


…Damn it.

It was practically a perfect match.

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