Tensei Kenja – 14

The Results Turned Out To Be Insane


“How hard it is… Do you mean by purposely making them experience failure?”


“Aye. Exactly. There is a lot of depth to being a watcher. It is not just about being awake and looking around, like so many Adventurers think. Many of them end up being ambushed and die. …We want to prevent this by making them fail at least once first…but I guess that it was not necessary in this case.”


Eeth said as he pointed to me.

I see. So that’s why…

I now felt a little bad for catching him.


“…Should we pretend this didn’t happen and start again? I won’t catch you this time.”


I said as I pointed to the forest.

If this wasn’t part of the test, then I wouldn’t be penalized for it.



“No, I don’t think so.”


He declined.


“I will make a report of what happened to the guild. Your results in this test will probably exceed a perfect score.”


…Uh, that sounded like a lot of trouble in its own way.

If we could just make up some story and adjust things so I just barely get into the special bracket…that would be great…


“Well, I’m leaving now. Unlike you–the others must experience the depth of being a watcher before morning.”


Unfortunately, I did not have time to ask him about such possibilities.

I nodded my head solemnly and Eeth ran back into the forest and disappeared.

As he was one of the best of the covert force, there was no hesitation in his movement even in the dark.


After that, I maintained the slime surveillance system until morning and watched for anyone trying to approach the tent. But nobody came.

And when it started to become brighter…Instructor Regin’s voice echoed in the forest.


“The test is finished! Everyone, return to me!”


Upon hearing this, I made the slimes unite back into one and ride my shoulder before heading towards the instructor.

The others had already gathered towards him…but their eyes looked dead.


It seemed that the reputation of this test was not wrong by the standards of this world.


“I have just received the results from the guild! They shall be announced here, so listen carefully!”


So saying, the instructor pulled out several sheets of paper with the guild’s seal on them.

We all watched with a sense of nervousness.


“First, Ajia!”




“You failed! You did decently on the sword test but badly in the watching test.”


One person had failed already.

This Aijia was the first person to take the swordsmanship test.

The instructor continued without giving Aijia any time to grieve.


“Next, Esis! …You also failed!”


The second person did not fare any better.

This test… seemed really harsh.


–And like that, the announcements continued.

About 40% seemed to pass.

And then finally, it was my turn.


“Last! …Yuji!”


The instructor looked down at the sheet…and paused.

He remained silent and read it over and over again.

–Was there something particularly strange written on it?


“…This, this wouldn’t be wrong, would it?”


He looked at a guild worker who stood nearby.

The guild worker had probably brought the documents.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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