Tensei Kenja – 14


“Yes, they are all in order! They were checked before I brought them!”


Came the quick reply.

The instructor looked very shocked then…and he read what was written once more.


“Yuji. What did you do to receive such results? …Oh, well. Nevermind. Yuji, you have passed and are admitted into the special bracket! At the same time, you are to be given a certificate as a B-rank Scout!”


“The special bracket and B-rank Scout!?”


Several of the others said with surprise.

B-rank…that did not even sound very special. But was it a famous certificate?

As for Scout, it was probably the art of finding enemies…which was likely related to the fact that I had found Eeth during the test.


As I thought about this, Instructor Regin looked at me suspiciously and said,


“…Yuji. You don’t seem very surprised? You got in the special bracket and you are a B-rank Scout!”


What could I say? I didn’t even know what that was.


“What is a B-rank Scout?”


I asked.

And then…


“Are you serious… I thought you were strangely lacking in common knowledge for someone so strong, but not to this degree…”


Instructor Regin said as he put a hand to his head.

I guess it really was a famous certificate then.

As I thought this, he explained it to me.


“Alright. A B-rank Scout is the highest rank you can achieve in the art of watching. Only one person in my department has it. …Having this will result in numerous invitations to parties that are more advanced than you.”



So it really was impressive.

But as I had almost zero experience in combat, I did not want to be invited to join strong parties.


“And one other thing. No one has entered the special bracket in fifteen years. The last person to do it is now an S-rank Adventurer. I would never have thought someone from this countryside branch would…”


…It seemed that things were getting really out of hand.

All I had wanted was to get registered at the guild.

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  1. Bruh. Standing out is the name of the game when you’re the MC of a novel. You should’ve expected that kind of result, especially with the fact the guy said you’d probably exceed a perfect score.

    • To be fair, he’s stuck in a weird position. He needs a way to earn money, but not only does he need to get info, but some of this info is too hidden from him… meaning he can’t cheat and make himself seem worse… meaning… these test givers are good… beating the other worlder at his own game…

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