10 Years After – 165

The Battle with the Dark Ones


Blood spurted out of the neck of the evil dragon and covered me as I landed on the ground.

Then I looked at the water dragons with a smile.


“That’s not enough to kill me.”


“Thank you!”


The water dragons said happily.


The enemy must have seen us talking and decided it was their chance.

A vampire lord jumped out to my side.



Grulf’s fangs tore into the vampire lord’s neck.


“You-you filthy dog!”

The vampire lord panicked and tried to transform in order to escape.

However, it seemed like he couldn’t.



And just like that, he turned into a pile of ashes.


“You did it, Grulf!”



Perhaps vampires could not transform if Grulf bit into them.


“But the dragon breath is dangerous, so stay close to me.”



But Grulf did not look scared.

Playing with the water dragons so much had probably made him braver.


Just then, a vampire from the far back began to shout.

“Why is there a human in a place like this!”


It was a lord, no, a high lord.

Since he was in the back, he was likely a commander.


“It’s more strange for your filthy kind to appear here.”

“Silence! You inferior creature!”

“Are you the leader of these rats?”

“How dare you call us that! You shall regret this!”


And the fight continued.

The water dragons also used their water breath to retaliate. And as it was their best attack, it was quite powerful.


But the breath of the evil dragons was also strong.

You would take a great deal of damage if it hit you.


On the other hand, the vampire lords and high lords were not much to talk about.

But they could still be a threat.


As the evil dragons were so confident in their vitality, they tended to take every attack instead of dodging them.

However, compared to the evil dragons, it was harder to hit the vampires.

They were not only fast, but they could turn into mist or bats.

This meant that they would occasionally appear behind you or to your side.

And that was very dangerous when you were focused on avoiding the evil dragons’ attacks.


“All of you, don’t push yourselves too hard!”



I called to the water dragons as I inspected the scene.

Morris was very strong. He could fight two evil dragons at once.


And I shot magic bullets whenever I had a chance.

Because of this, the battle was moving in our favor.


We could win if things continued like this.


It happened just as we were all starting to feel a sense of relief.



A massive evil dragon appeared. It was much bigger than even Grand Chamberlain Morris.

Not only that, but it was even bigger than Dorgo.




The water dragons started to make sounds that sounded a lot like screaming.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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