10 Years After – 165


“Hahahaha! You fools! Regret your actions and die!”

The high lord shouted with glee.


“So that’s your trump card?”

“Hmph. Is that what you think?”


The high lord smiled suggestively.

It seemed like they had others as well.


That being said, there was nothing to do now but to defeat this giant dragon.

As it was bigger than Dorgo, I had to go all out.


I took one step forward and was just about to dash towards the giant evil dragon.

But just then, the giant evil dragon breathed.


It wasn’t fire. It wasn’t wind or water or ice.

The breath was like a dark-colored mud.

I didn’t know what it was. But I had a very bad feeling about it.


“Don’t let it touch you!”

I shouted as I created a magic barrier.

I also made barriers around the water dragons.


Any trees that the black mud touched became dried up in an instant.


“A poison breath!”


The magic barrier shook violently when the poison breath hit it.



There was an unsettling sound.

It wasn’t just poison. There was strong magic in it.




The barrier began to break. I frantically put up another barrier.

Just then, the first one shattered completely.

Only an incredibly powerful breath would have been able to destroy my barrier.


I could not even attack it. It took everything I had to maintain the barrier.

And the giant evil dragon’s breath was not over yet.


“You can sure breath for a long time!”

I could not allow the breath to get passed us.

It would do immense damage if it leaked into the settlement.


Just then, I felt a disturbing presence to my side.


A vampire lord appeared right next to me as I focused on the barrier.

He swung his sword at me.



Grulf bit into the right hand that held the sword.



The vampire lord swung the short sword in his left hand.

I tried to protect Grulf from the short sword by making a barrier.


Just then, there was a loud sound and a scream.


“Things seem to be quite dire over here.”


Dorgo’s fist was protruding from the vampire lord’s stomach.

Dorgo was still in human form.


“Thank you.”

“I am sure you would have managed just fine by yourself, Mister Ruck?”

“Well, thank you. Regardless.”

“I am glad to hear it.”


And then Dorgo looked up at the giant evil dragon.


“Hmm. I suppose it would be better to fight that thing in my dragon form.”

Dorgo said. And with that, he transformed back into a dragon.

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