10 Years After – 120

Lunch Meeting


And so I explained everything from the beginning.


“I went out on a walk with Nia, Lord Gerberga and Grulf…”


Kathe’s bothersome roar, searching the ruins, killing the vampires. I explained it all. Serulis asked with a serious expression,


“So, the vampires are after these ancient ruins.”

“Yes. Kathe thinks that the concealment magic has weakened due to time…”

“And now the vampires have been going around and exposing them.”

“That’s very likely.”


Caves that didn’t contain the machines were left alone.

Like the cave that we first met Kathe in. There were only goblins there.


“Well, it sure looks like Kathe’s obsession with protecting cultural property helped you.”

“Yes, I guess you could say that.”


While the start of it was annoying, we wouldn’t have known about those vampires without Kathe’s help.

That would have resulted in more Fool’s Stones being created.


“Ah, right. I brought something other than snacks back with me as well.”


So saying, I took out the sword I got from the Vampire Lord, and put it on the table.


“This sword was used by a Vampire Lord. It’s not cursed, so I will give it to whoever wants to use it.”

“Can I see it?”

“Go ahead.”


Serulis picked it up. Then she unsheathed it and swung it lightly.


“Yes. I think it is a good sword.”

“It didn’t break against the Devil King Sword, and it cut through the floor of the dragon ruins very easily.”

“That’s amazing. Shia, Nia. Will one of you use it?”

“I already received a sword from Mister Locke. So I’m fine.”

“My sword is very special. You should take it, Sister Serulis.”

“Nia, your sword is special?”


I asked and Nia nodded.


“Yes. I am still young, so it is a special training sword.”

“It looks like an ordinary sword to me.”


Shia patted Nia on the head and said,


“The sword itself is normal, but it is made to match her height and build.”

“So it’s short and light in weight for children?”

“No, quite the opposite. We beastkin train with heavy, longer swords.”

“I see. You have some funny customs.”

“It is so she can put on some muscle.”


“That being said, having it too long or heavy will mess up your sense of balance. And so it is very meticulously designed.”

“I see. Sounds like a lot of work.”


I wondered how effective this method was.

But then again, here was Shia. Fifteen and already a B-rank Adventurer.

At the very least, it seemed to agree with beastkin wolves.


“So Shia and Nia don’t need it. What about you, Serulis? Or is your sword also special?”

“No, it’s a normal sword.”

“Serulis, can I look at your sword?”

“Of course.”


So saying, she handed me her sword.

Yes, it was definitely nothing special. However, it was store bought and expensive.

Perhaps about three million rucks.


But the sword I just acquired was still better.


“Serulis, unless you are very picky, you should use this sword.”

“…Thank you. I’ll take good care of it.”


She said happily. I was glad that she liked it.


And then we finished eating lunch.

The dishes were washed and we returned to the dining room.


“Mister Locke bought us some snacks! And I put on some tea!”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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