10 Years After – 120


Milka said as she brought the snacks and tea into the room.


“Thank you, Milka.”

“Don’t mention it!”


Milka looked a little bashful as she petted Grulf.

I decided that I would tell Milk about my identity.


“You’re quite smart, Milka. So you might have guessed this already…”

“What do you mean?”


Milka pretended like she didn’t know. But her hand seemed to quicken as she scratched Grulf’s fur.

Perhaps she didn’t want to pry.


Grulf wagged his tail and breathed loudly.

Milka and Grulf seemed to have become a lot closer.


“If you really don’t want to hear it…that is fine as well…”

“No, I will listen if you will trust me. It would be very flattering!”

“I see.”


And so I explained it to her.

But Milka hadn’t even known about Eric, the Hero King.

She probably would not find the truth so surprising.


“Are you serious! You are that famous Ruck! Wow!”

Milka was surprisingly surprised.

She got up loudly from her chair and leaned forward with both hands slammed down on the table.


“And the king you met recently is the Hero Eric.”

“Huh? Who?”

“And Goran is THE Goran.”
“Sister Serulis’s father is famous?”


Apparently, she knew nothing about them.

I hoped that Serulis wouldn’t be insulted by this discovery.

I quietly glanced towards her.


She just nodded.


“King Eric aside, daddy isn’t as famous as Mister Locke. So I can understand.”

She seemed like she didn’t mind.


“But Eric and Goran are amazing too.”


And so I told Milka about Eric and Goran’s exploits.

And since it was a good opportunity, I exaggerated as much as I could without lying.

It was a bit of revenge for what they had spread about me and my own exploits.


When my passionate speech came to a close, Milka looked at the door.

And her face turned to one of shock.


“Oh, it’s the Hero King.”


I turned around to see Eric. Eric was good at erasing his presence, which was very annoying.


“Locke. You better stop right there. It’s getting a little embarrassing…”

The Hero said as he entered the room, his face bright red.

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