Tensei Kenja – 171



“Can a human even use such magic?”


“I don’t know. …But what other explanation is there?”


“They say that old dragons use magic. That sounds more credible to me than assuming it was a human that dispelled the curse on the stake.”


“…Damn that dragon. If only we were able to sacrifice this continent with the Universal Purification Device, we would have been able to save mankind… Now, the only path left to us is to be annihilated by the Black Dragon of Destruction.”


Apparently, they were throwing out the idea that a human was involved.

However, there were dragons who could use magic?

Such a dragon would be very strong…but I didn’t want to die from a lack of energy, so there was no way I would try and tame one.


“I don’t know if we can even survive until the appearance of the Black Dragon of Destruction. At this point, we are probably doomed if just one Red Dragon Herald shows up.”


However…these guys were talking as if they were trying to save mankind.

But these were the people who unleashed a dragon onto a town and tried to kill everybody.


Well, it seemed like they had no future plans now. And they had no way to hurt me.

I could just kill them here… But they were still a valuable source of information, so I should probably keep them alive for a little while longer.

As long as the slimes were here, I could use ‘Area Freeze – Medium’ whenever I wanted to.


‘For now, it seems like the Blue Moon of Salvation isn’t going to do anything. How are things over there?’


I asked Baozard after the scouting was finished.

And then…the slimes answered happily.


‘Things are fine here!’


‘There is some tasty fruit!’


‘So much food!’


…I was trying to talk to Baozard.

But at least I knew the slimes were okay.


‘Fruit!? Is it sweet!?’


‘I want to go too! Yuji! Let’s go and eat!’


After hearing about this delicious fruit, the other slimes suddenly became very determined to go.

That being said… There was a possibility that a very dangerous dragon would return. We couldn’t be taking things so easy.

In any case, I wanted information about this ‘Red Dragon Herald’ that was supposed to appear very soon.


‘Baozard. Have you ever heard of the ‘Red Dragon Herald’?”


‘Of course, I have. That is one of the enemies that I must destroy.’


Apparently, Baozard knew of this dragon.

I hadn’t expected to learn something so quickly… Our alliance was proving to be beneficial already.


‘…Surely, that dragon is not going to appear soon?’


‘It is. At least, if the Blue Moon of Salvation is correct.’


‘I see. …And what will you do, Yuji?’


‘It depends on how strong it is. I’ll go and fight it if it’s not too strong.’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. My guess their silly strategy is continent size exterminatus, much like the Imperium of warhammer 40k lore who destroy planets just to kill threats , they would destroy the continent just to kill the dragons, Pretty dumb. They don’t know that it would effect the world. A single volcanic eruption could effect the climate then a continent size destruction would cause even more.

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