Tensei Kenja – 171


Baozard had said that the Red Dragon Herald was an enemy to be defeated. 

Of course, I didn’t hold any personal grudge like that.

If there was any possibility that I would lose, I would rather not fight it at all.


‘Hmm… That is hard to say. I know that I cannot beat it alone, but I will have a chance if you help me.’


‘…So I’m guessing it’s not the kind of dragon that will go down after 1 or 2 hits of Hellfire of Death.’


‘Indeed. That being said…if the dragon really is going to appear, we have no choice but to fight it. Running to a different continent just means we would be prolonging our deaths a little.’


How ominous.

The stories about the Blue Dragon of Delight had been similar as well.

Maybe all of the dragons from myth were like that.


In that case, the way of dealing with them was probably similar as well.

The Blue Dragon of Delight wasn’t that strong when it first appeared.


‘So, we should target it as soon as it appears.’


‘…Did you come to that conclusion just now? You are certainly a wise Sage…’


‘No, it’s just that I fought a similar dragon before. …However, that would mean we’d have to find it immediately after it appears…’


I had been able to find the Blue Dragon of Delight quickly because I was lucky.

I couldn’t expect that to be the case next time.

Or so I thought…


‘I know where it will reappear. It is close to my territory.’


Apparently, the dragon would return near Baozard’s lands.

Maybe Baozard was living close to it deliberately.


‘Alright, then I’ll be heading over there. …Are there any inns in the area?’


‘Yes. There is a nearby town called Baozaria. You can stay there.’






Upon hearing this, the slimes started shouting happily.

Everything had gone just the way that they wanted.

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  1. That town, named so similarly to the black dragon, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Either way, a happy place for the slimes, since they get closer to those tasty fruits they just learned about, lolz. This reminds me of that time they went to hunt boars because of some tasty leaves (the herbs were used in a stew, and they really liked it).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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