Tensei Kenja – 172

Searching for Fruit



A few days later.

I had left the mines and come to Baozaria, the town that was close to Baozard’s territory.

Baozard had told me that it was a completely normal town…


“…This is…normal…?”


I muttered as soon as I stepped foot into it.

After all, all over town, people were partying and drinking as if there was some kind of festival going on.


Well, it was a normal festival, at least.

But it was hard to believe that it was like this all of the time.


Perhaps I just had bad timing.

Regardless…I might have trouble finding a room.

As I wondered about this… A drunk man grabbed me by the shoulder.


“Hey, don’t just stand there! Come and drink with us! The owner says it’s on the house!”


“…It seems like everyone is celebrating. Did something happen?”


“Didn’t you hear? …Lord Baozard has returned to us! How could anything be more worthy of celebration!”


I see.

I had wondered about this timing, and it turned out to be because of Baozard’s return.

From what I heard, Baozard was seen as more of a guardian deity than a dragon to be feared.


‘They worship you, huh…’


‘I helped them before, and so they started bringing me offerings.’


‘I see. And now you’re like a god.’


‘Yes. Of course, I try to make up for it by helping them whenever monsters attack.’


Apparently, Baozard was coexisting with the residents very nicely.

I had assumed that dragons were all monsters that attacked you as soon as you encountered them…but Baozard was clearly different.

All the dragons I had met up until now couldn’t even talk. I suppose there was a great variety when it came to dragons as well.


I thought about this as I walked through the town…then the slimes started shouting.


‘Where is the fruit!?’


‘There’s no fruit here!’


As scouted around, the slimes had spread out throughout the town and searched for the fruits.

And while the town was still celebrating, all of the shops were open.


If there was a forest with fruits nearby, surely there would be a fruit stand or two in town… But apparently, there was not a single one.

The slimes could not have been any more serious as they searched for a fruit store… It reminded me of that time when they angrily hunted the monsters who were eating the delicious vegetables. And yet, they were unable to find any… So there really weren’t any after all.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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