Flower Field Demon King – 18

Chapter 18


When the night comes, and the moon and stars paint stories through constellations in the shadows of the night.

The cries of terrible beasts echo, and people shiver with fear in their beds.

Ah, to be in a place without divine protection.

A wasteland that none should enter.


That night, while Adelia did retire to her bed, she was unable to sleep. It was the same with the others of their group.

But unlike the other members, it was not out of fear of a monster attack.

No, the reason for her fear, was the pressure of her role.


Indeed, how much would she really be able to do?

What would happen if she made a fatal mistake?

Such were the thoughts that ran through her head.


While she could act strong when around Qudels, she just did not have enough experience to back it up.

Yes, she had been given the best education. But she was also just eighteen years old.

And since she understood what that meant, more than anyone, she was afraid of failing.


—What the hell am I supposed to do?

She crushed her pillow and recalled the face of that man with the glasses.

The Qudels in her head had a calm expression as he said, ‘I know you can do it.’ And then he smiled.


“Leave it all to me…! How dare he push all the responsibility onto me!! This is something that even he can’t do… Ah… He probably can do it. And he is laughing at me! Arrrrrggggh! Damn it!!”

Adelia pretended that her pillow was Qudels and she smashed her fist into it.


“Very well. Let’s think of it like this. What would he do?”

Unfortunately, she could not think of anything.

But that was a relief in a way.

Qudels was a creature that went in directions others could not predict. And she now understood that she wasn’t on the same level as such a freak.


Still, there must be something she could use for reference.

For instance, Qudels was a monster both physically and intellectually, but he didn’t try to do everything himself.

He had talked about this in the carriage on their way here.


“Jobs can usually be split into two categories. ‘What you should do yourself,’ and ‘what you should make others do.’ For instance, let’s say it is necessary to make some general goods at a smithy. If I tried to do it myself, I would have to acquire the skills and that would be time-consuming. And so I would call a blacksmith who could use fire magic, and ask that person to do it. This is a very simple example, but there are times when it may seem like you can do something if you try hard enough, when in fact, you should let someone else do it. It all sounds very obvious, doesn’t it? And yet, not many people do it.”


Ah, yes.

Why had she allowed her foolishness to blind her?


The moment she remembered their conversation, Adelia understood the direction she should take.

And she tried to imagine Qudels’s facial expression when he heard it.


—Oh, why can’t it be morning already?

And with that, she fell into a calm and peaceful sleep.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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  1. Yea I would doubt her sanity if she had tried doing things his way.
    Oh wait, that would mean her head is filled with flower field also. Heh.

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