Flower Field Demon King – 18


“…And for those reasons, I hereby forbid Group Leader Qudels, and the other group members from interacting with the village chief, outside of business matters, of course.”

Several angry cries could be heard after Adelia made this announcement during their morning meeting.


“What!? But why! This is tyranny, Miss Adelia!!”

As a representative of the single men in the group, Qudels slammed a fist onto the table as he protested. 

To them, the chief was like cool, healing water after a hard day’s work. They felt motivated. And now that motivation was being taken away.


However, Adelia was one who had been made a showcase in the slave market. She had been through the fires of hell, and this pressure barely even registered to her.

She stood proudly by the quivering chief and even laughed with a hand to her mouth.


“Ohohohohohoho! The disappointment on your faces is so invigorating. Thank you all. Now, allow me to ask you this… Why are you angry that private conversations are forbidden? Are you not here to work?”

She looked at the men who were grinding their teeth with piteous eyes.


“You should know, but this is not some party to meet people!!”

Adelia had seen from the beginning, that these men would immediately target the chief, who was a beautiful widow.


“You witch! You villainess of unrivaled evil!”

“Demon! Devil!”

“My, my. You do have opinions about me. But, is that all? I am not entertained. The man at the slave auction house had a much wider vocabulary.”

At this point, applause and insults were much the same to her.

And so she smiled as if she were a singer on stage who was receiving a standing ovation. Then she continued.


“But, please don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you can’t talk to her at all. You can talk as much as you want, if there is a good reason for it. For instance…”

After letting them go very hungry, she gave them a glimpse of something to bite on to.


“If you happened to dig out a house from the rubble at a most shocking speed, or if the building of temporary housing finished much faster than planned… Such reports would be best made to the chief, as I am very busy.”

This was a pretty obvious provocation, but their eyes were now glimmering.


After seeing her ability to incite people, Qudels muttered to himself.

“Adelia. What frightening child! What…is she!? I did give her a small hint, but it is as if she learned the principle of being an official already!!”


Of course, that principle was something he called, ‘leaving all of the work to others.’

It was a skill most necessary for those who stood at the top in the world.

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  1. I was wondering why he was doing all the work in the demon world, if he knew how to make other people work for him…

    Thx for the chap!

    • Because, it’s been stated that he’s the only demon with agricultural knowledge/magic and no demons are willing to learn it because their culture revolves around strength in combat. As such Qudels had no one suitable to work for him.

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