Flower Field Demon King – 19

Chapter 19


“As for more concrete steps for restoration… We will now reconfirm everyone’s roles and listen to the chief’s explanation.”

After setting everyone’s hearts on fire with her outrageous suggestion, Adelia continued in a cool voice.


“We of the restoration support team will work in four separate groups. The first will be the medical group, which will go around and treat the wounded in the village. The second will be the construction group, which will work to rebuild houses that have been buried in mud and build new buildings. The third will be in charge of patrolling the lands and fighting off monsters. This is the security group. Lastly, there will be the life support group, which will ensure that the necessary supplies get to the people who need them.”


The last group was the one with the most female members.

Not only would they be more likely to be perceptive, but the male members weren’t as knowledgable about female-specific necessities. 


“Among these groups, the security group’s job has been made significantly easier due to Qudels’s wall. And so some of their members will be moved to the construction group. You must talk amongst yourselves and decide who you will send. But do it quickly and submit the necessary forms.”

Upon hearing this, the members looked at her with suspicion.

While the chief was very important, she wasn’t part of the restoration support group.

Was it not a little odd that they were allowed to report to her? …That’s what they were thinking.


However, Adelia saw their expressions and smiled smugly.


“The chief will be acting as my assistant for some time.”

This had been decided before the meeting.

Adelia had had a personal conversation with her and settled the matter.

Of course, she had insisted to the chief that this was the best way to shake off any annoying male members of the group.


And as she had only recently become chief and did not understand her position too well, Adelia’s confident speech had persuaded her. And so she unwittingly, but readily agreed to be used as bait.



–Was she really allowed to do such a thing?

After seeing how Adelia had gone ahead in choosing personnel, the members all turned to see Qudels’s reaction.

Qudels nodded and said,


“I see no issue? Yes, it is a little strange. But the village chief was always meant to be a bridge between us and the people. I think she is the perfect one to observe your work, while having her people’s best interests in mind.”


This sounded good and all, but a more careful listener would have noted the many problems in what he was saying.

After all, by having the most powerful person in the village working as a subordinate, it was as if Qudels had suddenly taken all authority away from her.


Of course, it was not something that was allowed without the permission of the governor.

How would this be explained if he found out? Furthermore, would they be blamed for this as well? It was a dangerous bridge to cross.


However, while they all looked at Qudels with unease, he said to them.


“Or would you much rather make direct reports to Lady Adelia herself?”

In an instant, all of the men looked away.

Indeed, Adelia was lovely to look at, but she also acted like a queen and a tyrant.

Reports aside, even addressing her seemed like it would drain the energy from your body.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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