Flower Field Demon King – 19


“I am glad to see that you understand. In fact, I intend to write to the governor on this matter myself. …And of course, I will be allowed to report the results to the chief when I am done?”

Qudels said with a smile. He was the first one to shamelessly make a move on the chief.

It was almost as if he were being an example to the others. The men all grew restless.


“Yes, certainly. I am relying on you, as the group leader.”

Adelia said with a smile. But her right hand was clenched as if she were crushing something.

As for what she was crushing in her mind, it was some sort of flower.


Now that they had decided how to treat the chief, Adelia moved on to the next subject.


“So, there is one thing that I must ask the construction group to prioritize.”

After suddenly being called out, the members of the construction group sat up straight.

As recent developments had been strange, to say the least, they were nervous about what would be said next.

Adelia looked at them with amusement. However, her request was very much within the norms of this world.


“I want you to prioritize the reconstruction of the church. As it is, the current wall that group leader Qudels has made will do nothing against flying monsters. The church is not only necessary for reconstruction, but the wounded villagers also need a place to ease their hearts.”


Reconstruction was always a battle against fear.

Allowing such emotions to fester within the people could result in small incidents exploding into something much worse.


Religion was a valuable means of dealing with such things.


“Aah, I see. That is very true.”

The representative of the construction group said after hearing this reasonable request.

They just needed to remove the mud and sand from the building and repair the broken walls and roofs. The priest could deal with the rest.


After that, the meeting continued in a normal fashion until it ended.

However, it was merely a precursor to an approaching storm.

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