Tensei Kenja – 173

A Serious Matter


‘Wait a minute. There will be no fruit-picking today.’




‘We can’t eat any fruits!?’


As soon as I said this, they started to protest.

Not only that, but they continued to move towards the mountain.


I could probably force them to stop if I used my Tamer skill…

But I felt a little bad for them.

Maybe I should ask.


‘Baozard. I want to enter your territory to pick some fruits… Would it be alright?’


‘The fruits? Yes, come and help yourself. You and your slimes saved my life. I have no right to complain, even if you ate every single one.’


‘…Are you sure?’


‘Aye. I never asked them to protect the fruits in the first place. After all, animals that eat the fruits and grow will taste just the same as the animals that eat grass and grow.’


I see.

So as far as Baozard was concerned, it wasn’t a problem.

The problem was, would the town’s residents see it the same way?


‘But even you allow it, I’m not sure that the people here would forgive us…’


‘Hmm… That may be true.’


If the fruits disappeared from the forest, they would suspect me immediately.

After all, I had tamed numerous slimes. This was information that the guild was very much aware of.

And I was also a stranger to this town. So there would not be many other suspects.


‘Very well. I will do something.’


As Baozard said this…a loud rumble could be heard from the nearby mountain.

When I looked towards it, I saw that Baozard was flying towards us.


“It’s the Dragon God!”


“The Dragon God has come!”


“But the town hasn’t even been attacked by monsters… Has this ever happened before?”


When they saw Baozard flying, the town became very excited.

The owner of the vegetable store, the people drinking, all of them were looking up and then bowing their heads.

Uh…was I supposed to do that too?


As I wondered about this, I heard Baozard’s voice.


“Do you hear me, people of the town?”


“Of course, we do. Lord Dragon God!”


A well-dressed man answered Baozard.

He was probably the landlord.

Wait a minute… So, Baozard was able to talk in the human language?


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. When you need some tasty fruits (actually all of them) for the adorable magical puddings, but them humans might say no, so you call the big boss, the really big boss. Sounds about right.

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