Tensei Kenja – 172


Well, maybe there would be some in a vegetable store?

And so I went to a nearby one and asked.


“Hello. Do you sell any fruits?”


“Fruits… When they are in season, yes. But I don’t have any right now. What kind of fruits?”


“Like this.”


I said as I offered him a picture I had created through Thoughtography.

The owner looked at it and scowled.


“Ahh. This is the fruit that grows on the dragon god’s mountain. Of course, they don’t sell that in town.”


So, it wasn’t something that we could buy.

Well, I could just send the slimes to the mountains and they could eat there.

As I considered this, the slimes started talking again.


‘He said they don’t sell them!’


‘What! Then let’s go get some!’


‘Yes! Let’s go!’


Apparently, they were heading towards the mountain before I had even given them an order.

The problem was, were they allowed to just go and take those fruits without permission…?


“Are people allowed to go there and pick them?”


“No. Those fruits are for the dragon god. We keep track of how many there are, so we’ll no if someone takes any.”


They even counted them…that was some heavy security.

Why would they go to such lengths…?


“So, uh…Baoza-…this dragon god is protecting the fruits?”


“No, the people of the town protect them. It’s not like the dragon god ordered us to. But the fruits will become its food. And so humans must not be allowed to take them.”


I see. So they were just doing it themselves.

If the fruits weren’t protected by Baozard’s order, then I wouldn’t be able to send the slimes to get them directly.


Though, I doubted the slimes would get caught if they did sneak in…

But considering their numbers and appetites, they might just wipe the forest clean of all its fruits.

That wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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  1. [we’ll no if someone] -> {we’ll know if someone}

    Ok, a little weird, but actually a nice thing, those fruits being for their guardian dragon that is. This town is nice, they party and they have respect, me like it, so I hope the magical jellies don’t end up in a war, for them tasty fruits 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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