Jack of all Trades – 239

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“Man, that was some fight.”

“It was difficult to keep track of anything…”

“But still, that’s what makes it fun!”


The excitement had hardly died down even after we had left. That fighter was incredible. That style was amazing. It was the same for those around us. Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with searching for their favorite fighter and praising them to high heaven.


“Ah, Daniela. You look beautiful today-”

“I know, we should go and find a place to eat.”

“Yes, there is so much we need to talk about! Let’s go!”

“Indeed…I would like to have meat.”

“Daniela, I’m pretty sure you want vegetables.”


And so we headed for the market district. It was as if we needed a quiet place to talk in order to settle our over-excited nerves.


We immediately started to walk toward the center of the city. It was then that I heard the ‘Hey, bastard. You’ve got some nerve to ignore me.’


Which wasn’t quite as annoying as the hand that landed on my shoulder.


“Look here, I’m in a really good mood now. Do you mind not ruining it for me?”

“I wouldn’t talk like that if I were you, manservant.”


“You better stay away from my Daniela.”

“Since when… Ugh, this is pointless. Let’s go.”


It was a waste of time talking to these kinds of delusional people. It was simply tiring. You met them once in a while. Idiots who would not change no matter how much you talked to them.


“Don’t ignore me, you animal.”

“You should try sticking to one insult, you idiot.”

“Oh, but there are many words to describe you. Living long gives you lots of knowledge.”

“Living long and acting smart doesn’t give you the right to touch someone’s partner.”


Oh, now I was getting angry. Did it really bother people so much that I was with Daniela? I didn’t understand why. And where the hell did he even come from?

Adlus looked at me smugly, but then he averted his eyes as if having lost interest. Of course, he was looking towards Daniela.


“Daniela. Might I take you out to eat?”

“I do love to eat. But I do not feel like doing it with you.”

“You’re very stubborn. I know a good place that serves meat.”

“Not interested. You would do well to stop talking to me.”


Daniela said bluntly. For a second, I thought about what Adlus must go through. I wasn’t sure why he was only attracted to his own kind, but if he went around talking to every light elf he encountered…well, that was rather worrying.


I calmed down once Adlus had backed off a bit, and was able to concentrate on our surroundings again. I could tell by the expressions of some of the onlookers that they had seen this all play out before. It really made me wonder… What was happening? Either he was constantly getting rejected or he was trying to make a light elf harem. The later did not seem likely… After all, harems were things that just happened to you naturally. It would a look pathetic if he went around, laboring hard to build one around himself.


Well…who knew what methods this guy would use.


I stared at him up and down as he glared at me. He was wearing white robes that hid his physique but showed he was a sorcerer. But I still didn’t know what his fighting style was like.

Perhaps he fought with a sword as well. Were those blindingly white clothes for combat? Or were they just his casual clothes…


“I find no pleasure in being stared at by the likes of you.”

“Well, I don’t get many opportunities to observe an idiot, so you’ll have to forgive me.”

“Hmph… Very well. Daniela does not seem to be in the mood today. I will come again.”

“Don’t ever come back, you bastard.”


There would be no point, as he was likely to ruin Daniela’s mood on the moment of his arrival. 

Adlus bowed smugly to Daniela and then walked away. He was annoying until the very last second.


“I have been targeted by a most despicable man…”

“Well, he’ll be in the fight with us. I’ll give him a good beating.”

“Yes, hopefully until nothing remains.”

“I don’t want to get arrested…”


Daniela was quite cross now.


“Still, he is quite popular, you know?”

“Seriously? I can hardly understand why…”

“It is mostly women. They call him the blonde prince.”


That wasn’t a very creative name. But I guess it was his only notable feature.


“Do you know anything about the way he fights?”

“Oh, that is famous!”


Well, he had apparently won before, so it was not surprising. According to the well-informed Lemon, Adlus fought not only with magic, but also with a long sword. He would control water in order stop his enemy’s movements and then finish them off with his sword. 


A long sword, huh… That meant he had a much better reach than me and my one-handed sword. That being said, it seemed like a bad idea to try and bring out the Schwarz Tempest. I wanted to fight with ice magic as well. There must be a good way…


“More importantly, we should go and eat.”

“Yes… Eating will help drive away negative feelings.”

“I agree!”


Well, I was hungry. And so Daniela, Lemon and I continued on our way to our destination.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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