Tensei Kenja – 160

The Slimes were Brave



‘It’s a dragon!’


‘It’s huge!’


Several minutes later.

That was what the slimes were shouting after they had reached the other side of the giant machine…


A single dragon was there.

Its whole body was shackled in chains, and it was horribly weakened. But it was definitely a dragon.


And…it was most likely a very high-ranking dragon.

It was much larger than the Blue Dragon of Delight.


I had felt that the energy was similar to a dragon…and it turned out to be the case.

Dragons were supposed to be rare monsters in this world…but it seemed like I couldn’t stop bumping into them.

Maybe I had some kind of connection to dragons.


As I thought this, I prepared some defense magic.

If the dragon proved to be hostile, I would have to retrieve the slimes immediately.


Fighting a dragon head-on while we were inside of the Blue Moon of Salvation’s base would be suicided.

Of course, if I did have to run away, I would do so after hitting the Universal Purification device with Hellfire of Obliteration first.


That was the plan…


‘It doesn’t look too good!’


‘It’s chained up!’


‘Poor thing!’


The slimes said as they gathered around the dragon.

From their movements, it seemed like they had no sense of caution at all.

…Did they even remember that we were in enemy territory?


‘Hey, should you guys really be getting so close?’


I asked as I made preparations to use magic.

And then…the slimes replied with their careless voices.


‘It’s fine!’


‘I’m not scared!’


They answered as they went closer and closer to the dragon.

They had been very afraid when facing the Blue Dragon of Delight, so there much be a good reason that they felt it was different this time.


Slimes were monsters, after all. They probably had some kind of ‘monster’s intuition.’


As I considered this…the slimes started to climb up the dragon’s body.


‘…Hey. You do realize that that’s a dragon you’re climbing over…?’


I couldn’t help but ask as I watched in confusion.

I could understand getting closer to it. Well, barely.


But…climbing it?

Climbing a wounded dragon that could very well be an enemy…?


‘Well, don’t come crying to me if something happens…’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Come now Yuji, have some faith in the adorable magical puddings, they are silly, but funny and have good intuition. Feels like this dragon is going to be an ally.

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