Tensei Kenja – 69

They Were Out Of Fuel


‘…Uh, didn’t she say that Rikardo was a ‘little cold’ this year?’’


‘She did say that!’


‘Then what is this?’


I said as I pointed to a nearby puddle.

It was covered in a layer of ice.


‘Oh, it’s a frozen puddle!’


‘Exactly. …How can the temperature change so much at this distance?’


It was likely about 25 degrees in Mariardo.

While here, it was already below 0.


Even though the Proud Wolf could travel very fast, it didn’t seem likely that the temperature could drop so low in 30 minutes…

I hadn’t heard anything about Rikardo being this cold. This was clearly an abnormal situation.


It would be for the best not to get close to any strange place.

It would be fine if it was just a little cold. But as it was now, there was clearly something abnormal that was causing it.


If I continued on, I might get involved in whatever it was.


‘…Alright, let’s turn around. This might be a sign of an abnormal situation.’


It seemed that odd things kept happening to me ever since I came to this world.

And I saw no reason to go out of my way to stick my head into a place where it was obvious that something was up.


‘What! We’re going back! What a hassle!’


‘What about all the delicious food in Rikardo?’


…But when I tried to go back, the slimes immediately rejected the idea.

As we hadn’t even traveled for very long, I assumed it wouldn’t matter too much…

That being said, the food was definitely alluring.

Maybe I could go to the restaurant that Tina had suggested. And then we could leave.


‘Alright. We’ll go and eat. Then I’ll consider what to do from there.’




Okay. We’ll go and eat. If the food isn’t much better than the meat I had in Mariardo, then I will turn around and leave.

There was a smaller chance of being caught up in something if it was just a short visit.

And so, after briefly considering turning back, we continued on our way to Rikardo.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yuji: ‘Not going to any place with abnormal events, no way’, lol. Poor dude, he still doesn’t know the MC curse. And that part at the end, sounds a lot like someone on a diet saying he’s just going to take a bite, and a couple minutes later the whole ten layered cake is gone. 🤣

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