Tensei Kenja – 161

We Were Able To Communicate


…Well, judging by its temperament, it did not seem very hostile to us.

Maybe it would be fine then?

And so I activated the magic.


‘Magic Transfer—Water Supply.’


I chanted. And then water shot out from the slime that was on the dragon’s head. It was aimed right at the dragon’s eye.

This seemed to shock the dragon, and its eyes opened.

The slime did not miss its opportunity. This time, it went right in front of the dragon’s eyeball and asked:


‘Can you hear me?’


‘…I can hear you.’


The dragon replied in a coarse voice.

It seemed like it finally accepted their existence.

Also…this meant that they were able to talk to each other.


‘What are you? And why are you able to use water magic?’


The dragon asked.

The weak and cowardly…Proud Wolf would have run away at the sound of its voice.


However, I didn’t sense any hostility in its voice at all.

What I did sense, was a surprise, and also—resignation.

As I mused on this, the slimes answered.


‘We’re Yuji’s slimes!’


‘That water was Yuji’s magic!’


Upon hearing these words, the dragon’s eyes widened.

And then it smiled slightly…it now looked at the slimes with deep interest.


‘Hmmm…slimes with a master, huh? ‘Magic Transfer.’ What a rare thing I have seen before my death.’


Apparently, this dragon knew about Magic Transfer.

I thought no one in this world knew about it… What did this mean?


Maybe it’s because this dragon had lived for a very long time.

It could talk, after all. So this might be a good chance to gain some information.

Thinking this…I activated Monster Mutual Understanding.


Up until now, I had been using Shared Senses to listen to the dragon and slimes’ conversation.

However, it would be better to talk to it directly if I wanted to ask for information.

It was the first time I would be using it at a long distance with a monster I’ve never tamed before…

So I wasn’t sure it would work.


Still, I tried… And then, I felt the sensation of being connected to the dragon.

Apparently, it had worked.


‘…Can you hear me?’


I started to talk to the dragon through Monster Mutual Understanding.

And then…I got an answer.


‘…Monster Mutual Understanding? So, you must be the master of the slimes?’


‘I am. The slimes don’t mean you any harm. So please don’t hurt them.’


First, I let the dragon know that we weren’t enemies.

Maybe it wasn’t too convincing since we had suddenly sprayed water into its eye… But it was the truth.


‘I thought I would die all alone, so I am happy to do so in a more cheerful atmosphere. I have no reason to attack you. …If anything, I should be thanking you.’


Apparently, it did not recognize the act of pouring water on someone during your first acquaintance as terrible manners.

This dragon had not only a big body, but a big heart.


But…we couldn’t just let it die.

This dragon was a valuable source of information.


After all, this dragon had been here for a long time, and saw what the Blue Moon of Salvation were doing.

What they did, what they would do. It likely knew much more than me.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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