Tensei Kenja – 161


‘Don’t you think it’s a little early to die?’


From what I could tell, the dragon was weakening…but it did not seem like it was dying.

But when I asked about this, the dragon shook its head.


‘No, it is only a matter of time now. I know myself better than anyone.’


‘But I can use healing magic as well. I don’t know how effective it will be on a dragon… But it might work?’


‘Please don’t do that. You may be able to extend my life… But what life would that be when I am chained here? No, dying early would be the best way to rebel against them.’


The dragon sounded calm… But when he said ‘them’ it seemed like its eyes flashed with anger and hate for a second.

Maybe Monster Mutual Understanding was making it easier for me to read its emotions.


Of course, I assumed it meant the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Who else could capture such a large dragon and keep it a prisoner?

And so I asked it:


‘By ‘them,’ do you mean the Blue Moon of Salvation?’


‘Yes. …But you know their name. Does that mean you are one of them?’


‘No, quite the opposite. I sent my slimes in here in order to stop them.’


‘…You are going to stop them?’


The dragon reacted to those words. It stared hard at the slimes.

It seemed very interested.


‘Yeah. That’s why I need to know what to do. What don’t they want me to do, what is their weakness… Do you know?’


From the dragon’s words, I got the impression that the hate towards the Blue Moon of Salvation was stronger than the desire to escape.

So I decided to be plain and honest.

And then…


‘Very well. I will tell you.’


The dragon replied without hesitation.

So I had made the right choice.


‘While I was shackled here all of this time, I did not see everything that they were doing… What I do know is that they are trying to use me for something. Is that alright?’


‘Of course. …The first thing I want to know is why they have you chained down here?’


Considering that there were human guards stationed down here, it was clear that the dragon wasn’t being used as a guard dog.

Even if they had wanted to do that, it seemed rather pointless, as this dragon would not obey them.

Not only that, but they had the dragon chained up so it couldn’t even move properly.


So there must be a different reason…


‘The reason that I was imprisoned here, was so they could draw out my magical energy.’


The dragon replied.


‘Draw out?’


‘Yes. They pour some strange water on me….and then the energy is drained from my body. They gather that energy and send it into that odd machine.’


The dragon looked at the long and thick cord that stretched out from its collar.

The metal cable went straight into the Universal Purification Device.


So, that was what they used to send power to the machine.

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Translator: Hope you enjoyed the chapter. There are only a few chapters left until we catch up with the latest release. After that, it will likely be 1 chapter a week or less. In the meantime, please consider reading Flower Field Demon King. If there is enough interest, I will do daily chapters of that series next.

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  1. Kill all the members present, destroy the machine, destroy the chains, release the dragon, destroy the place… Then you have more time to talk with the dragon. Of course, he’s not going to do that, though, because that’d be logical…

    • actually, that is not the logical thing to do, what if the dragon wishes to destroy the world as well. It is better to gather as much info as possible

      • Come now, there are worse ways to destroy a continent, or two. Release that dragon, he’s earned a couple cities, the right to rampage in a couple cities. Especially those filled with those terrorists.

  2. Hm, so the problem is the author. Better send him some slimes, just to encourage him. Those magical puddings are adorable 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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