Realist Demon King – 69

The Strategist King’s Plan


The matter with Yuri was finished, and I had Fuma Kotaro, a legendary ninja, who would greatly improve my intelligence and strategy abilities.


Of course, this was exactly the kind of thing to make one want to expand.

After all, it was a Demon King’s calling.

I did not love war, but it was not something that I could avoid.


Besides, it would be better to unite the world in order for people like Yuri to live in peace.


If there was someone more fitting to be king, I would be glad to help. However, no such holy king had appeared. And the ranks of demon kings were not much better.


“Indeed. It is for you, Master, to lead the world.”


Eve declared.


“That appears to be the case.”


I replied. Then I called for Hanzo.


This was because Fuma Kotaro was a man of many moods, and was often not present in the castle.


He was always moving and gathering information.


He was the leader of the intelligence team, and Hanzo was his adjutant, but in many ways, it felt like Hanzo was the real commander.


Still, Hanzo saw what Fuma Kotaro was worth in an instant, and so he did not resist being put under his command.


“We will work hard to become indisposable parts of your army, Demon King.”


He promised.


And it did not take long for him to bring important information.


“Demon King, it is an honor to be in your presence.”


“These greetings are unnecessary. Now, what information have you brought me?”


“Certainly. We now know the sizes of neighboring demon kings’ armies.”


“Splendid. So, which of our neighbors is the weakest?”


“Demon King Decarbia, to the south.”


“Ah, we passed his borders recently on our way to the dungeon.”


“Yes. I believe he is the weakest in this region. An F-Ranker. Weaker than even Eligos.”


“Well, we should be able to manage it then.”


“But the Ashtaroth army is no great force either. We are probably equaled in strength.”


“I see. Well, I have not been in this world long. My town is still small and so is my army.”


“However, you are wise, my Master.”


Eve was quick to point out.


“Numbers usually mean everything. But if we are equal in power, there is a good chance that Master can win.”


“That may be true, but I prefer to fight enemies that are weaker than me.”


“But there are no such enemies.”


Hanzo stated flatly.


“In that case, we will have to make them weaker than us.”


“Certainly. However, how might we accomplish that?”


“There is a way.”


I stated with conviction.


According to the report, Decarbia was a prominent trading town. Several roads ran near the castle there, and so there was naturally a lot of trading.


“Well, we should be able to weaken them by attacking their income.”


“Is such a thing possible?”


“Of course. However, I will need the help of Gottlieb, the dwarf. Can you call him?”




Eve bowed deeply and left the room. Several minutes later, Gottlieb entered.


As he was a ghost, he didn’t live in the town, but instead stayed, in the castle.

A small corner of the castle had been remodeled into a workshop. It was there that he developed new weapons and conducted experiments.


With his knowledge of science and my magic, we should be able to create something very interesting.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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