Realist Demon King – 52

The Colosseum


And so preparation began under Eve’s supervision. But it was likely due to the brilliant dwarven chief, who led the workers, that it all finished within three days.


Gottlieb was the chief of the earth dwarves, and he gathered together his architects and worked on the colosseum until it looked completely new.


He used the shift system that I had introduced, which meant that it was worked on day and night.


I told him how thankful I was, and he replied with a dark joke.


“What? I am a ghost. Working for three days and nights without rest is nothing.”


Gottlieb was no longer a resident of this world, he had died.

But I had brought him back to life after his death so that he could protect his people.


He had been such a powerful warrior in life and a good chief. Currently, he was an administrator and technician that had accomplished much for me.


His talents had been especially useful in the planning of the town, and almost all of his suggestions were implemented immediately.


Once Eve made a complaint to me about this very thing.


“Master. Lord Gottlieb’s plans are indeed brilliant, but why do you leave everything to him?”


She asked.


“Well, I do participate. But he is so perfect that I usually have nothing to add. Bakers bake and dwarves build. It is an old saying.”


“I have never heard of such a saying.”


“It is in my dictionary alone.”


I summoned a dictionary with magic and flipped through the pages until I found it.


“Yes, I do see it now.”


Eve said with a chuckle.

She rarely did that. It was cute.

And so I told her to turn to ‘M.’


She took the dictionary and found the page. A part of it started to glow.


‘Maid among maids.’


Under the definition, it explained that these words were about Eve, Demon King Ashtaroth’s head maid.


She looked at it with a little embarrassment.

“That is very smooth of you.”

She smiled.


It was an honor to make a woman happy, but it did not lead to seduction. And so we stopped playing and returned to work.


“So, it seems that everything is ready with the colosseum. I will call Toshizou and Jeanne now. How about the spectators?”


“They have started to gather from the town.”


“Good. They shall be entertained.”


“The people should be very pleased.”


“It’s partially a service to them as residents. But not only that.”


“What do you mean?”


“They will know the power of Toshizou and Jeanne. This is already known to a certain degree, but there are some outsiders who still see Toshizou as just some new eastern mercenary. And some belittle Jeanne for being a woman. I want to give those people something to think about.”


“Very good, master. I had no idea you thought that deeply into it.”


“Besides, any spies of other demon kings that are hiding here will also spread the word. Demon King Ashtaroth has very strong subordinates.”


“Fewer of them will attack you then.”


“Yes. Ultimately, that is the best way to maintain peace.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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