Realist Demon King – 52


It was just as I said this that Gottlieb entered the room.

As he did not make any noise with his feet, he coughed before entering the room.


“Demon King, the restoration is now complete. As you instructed, ‘stalls’ have been set up. But what will you use them for?”


“It will be a place to sell food. People like to eat lightly while watching a match.”


“Is this also a service?”


“Well, we’ll be charging for it. In the country of Japan that I studied, they sold beer and snacks to be consumed as they watched sports.”


“That sounds very good.”


The dwarven chief said with a gulp.


“It is quite a luxury. Well, it’s unfortunate that you can’t taste it, seeing as you are a ghost, Gottlieb.”


“My men will enjoy it for me. Besides, I am looking forward to this fight much more.”


“Of course.”


“Was there a reason that you wanted us to change the angle of the audience seats?”


“It enhances the illusion of overlooking. Everything seems closer that way.”


“I see.”


“Aye. You want to feel it as close as possible. The seats should be closer to the action.”


Now I just wanted to set up a magic mirror that would allow spectators to see things up close, but that would be going over our budget.


We could consider it once we received more tax money.


“That is good. In any case, I believe your advice has helped us create a great place to fight.”


Gottlieb said. Eve chuckled.

He asked her why she was laughing, and she answered.


“Well, I had heard that everything was left to you, but it seems that the Master really did interfere in the important matters. It is amusing to me.”


Gottlieb answered,


“Hmm, well, the Demon King is much like myself. We worry and are hard workers. He is also a perfectionist.”


That put me in an awkward position, but in any case, things were arranged perfectly for the occasion.

The only thing that remained was for the actors to take the stage. What were they doing now?

I decided to talk to them before the fight.

This seemed to annoy Eve.


“Do you worry for Jeanne so much?”


“Well, yes. And for Toshizou.”


“Neither of them like to lose.”


“Exactly. I want to remind them that this is a mock fight, for training. It would be no good for things to get heated and for one of them to be injured.”


“That is wise.”


She bowed and then led me to the room that they were waiting in.

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