Realist Demon King – 69


Gottlieb came in without any sounds of footsteps. Then he grinned.


“Demon King. I hear you have a most amusing idea.”


“Aye, you won’t be bored. By the way, Gottlieb. Can you make fake money?”


“Do you mean fake coins?”


“In plainer words, yes.”


“Well, I could. But either you will get something horrible that is immediately recognizable as fake…or you will have something that costs more to make than real coins.”


“Why is that?”


“Well, you would normally have to weigh the metal. And so we would have to make coins that are the same weight in order to be seen as real.”


“I see.”


“There are metals that weigh more than gold, but they are also more expensive. In other words, it would cost more overall.”


“So…that means I can fool them, as long as the weight is the same for at least a few weeks.”


“That is, if you can handle the amount of magic it will use…”


“I can. I have material from a Demon King here.”


I said as I produced Eligos’s right eye.


It was sitting in a glass bottle and submerged in liquid.


“I am saying that we can use this to create metal that will be the same weight as gold for a few weeks.”


“And then you will plate them in gold…”


Hmm. Gottlieb rubbed his jaw and agreed that it just might work.


If the best technician around said it was possible, then the only thing left to do was to make this convenient metal.

And so I went to the Klein Bottle and tossed in the right eye of Eligos.


Then Eve entered and said,

“Wouldn’t it have been better to use that material to create something of more value?”


“Yes, perhaps I could have summoned gold and treasures, but I have no interest in that. What I want, is his trading town.”


A trading town would continue to bring in riches long after any coins I made here had been spent.

It did not seem like an odd decision to me.


Eve finally understood this and bowed.

“Yes, you are right, Master.”


“Of course, there is still no guarantee it will succeed.”


“I am sure that it will.”


Eve said with a smile.


“Success isn’t always so easy to achieve.”


“Yes, but you have not failed once up until now, Master.”


“Indeed. Still, that is not the same thing as a guarantee. I intend to watch over this very carefully until I am sure.”


I put the rest of the materials in and sent magic energy towards the bottle.

This time, I wanted materials, not monsters.

As I knew exactly what I wanted, it was easier than usual.


Besides, this metal did not need to last for very long. It only needed to maintain its shape for several weeks.


And so such demands as creating metal that was the same weight as gold, was simple enough.


Piles of the grey metal rose.

I would melt it all down and create coins that would then be plated in gold.

And with that, I would have my fake money.


As for the actual work, well, it could all be done by the dwarven craftsmen.


In fact, Gottlieb went on to finish it in three days.


“I would expect nothing less of the dwarf lord.”

Eve mused.

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