Jack of all Trades – 237

Red Devil


We left the arena and walked through the streets. The imperial capital had the same festive mood as the previous day. And so once again, we enjoyed some target practice and street food.


Once the sun had set, we dropped Lemon off at her inn and we went our own way to have dinner.


“Now, we should go there again today.”


Daniela said, matter-of-factly. She rarely diverged from choosing meat… And so I would have to choose a place today.


“Let’s eat here.”

“I prefer the last place.”

“Don’t be like that.”


In front of us was a sign that read, ‘Lambrusen Cuisine.’ Lambrusen was the first country I came to in this world. Though, there hadn’t been anything that seemed like local traditional food… Maris’s inn had only served normal food.


“Well, Fhiraldo is in a far corner of Lambrusen. It is different when you are close to the capital. Traditional cuisine is more popular on the other side, to the north.”

“I see… Lambrusen is quite big then.”


Fhiraldo was my first town. It was east of the misty hills. There were forests on both the north and south sides of it. The Alexia mountains stretch to the southeast from there, and the Empire of Flugelnia lay beyond them. We had traveled east from Fhiraldo, and gone to the city of the plains, Spiris. Then it was down south to Alessa and off to the Empire.

We had gone far south, really. If it was famous north of Lambrusen, then it was no wonder we hadn’t encountered much of it.


In any case, we were going in!


“Excuse me. Are there any tables available?”

“Yes! Please come in!”


The young woman who guided us in was wearing something I’d never seen before. Bold yet beautiful colors made intricate patterns in what I assumed was a traditional dress. She had long hair and wore a red bandana as well. Over the bandana, a hair ornament kept her braids tied together. It looked cool…


“Yes, this way please.”

“Thank you. Your dress is very beautiful.”

“Hehe. Thank you, sir. It is an old traditional Lambrusen dress.”


She turned around for us. Her long skirt rose lightly in the air. It was beautiful.


“Yes, just wonderful. Gorgeous.”
“You’re very good at flattery. I’ll have to offer extra good service tonight.”


She said quietly with a smile. Then she disappeared into the kitchen.


Daniela and I sat down and scanned the menu. However, it was hard to know what we were looking at.


“Did you really find her that pretty?”

“Hmm? Her dress was really nice. I don’t know much about clothes, but I’ve always appreciated traditional clothing like that. There were plenty of them back in my world.”


I remember especially liking traditional European clothing. They would look good on Daniela. Hell, Daniela would look good in Asian clothes as well…


“So, that is your preference…”

“I guess so. Though, your clothes are nice too. At least for dates.”

“Hmm…I see.”


She said with flushed cheeks. I brushed my hand against them and everything was resolved. But she did look cute when she was jealous.


After that, Daniela gave me recommendations for Lambrusen cuisine and we made our order.

The same young women came to our table.


“Are you ready to order?”

“Yes. Uh, this…thing. Pavelyani…? Please.”

“What? Pavelyani…?”


She looked at me with an expression of undisguised distaste. Eh, what? But Daniela recommended it?!


“He has never eaten Lambrusen before.”

“Ahh…I see. Very well.”


The woman nodded. Then she smirked as if a hunter who has seen her prey get caught in a trap.


“And I will have some Ellefirasse with a baguette.”

“Uh, I think I’ll have that too…”

“Thank you. So, that will be one Pavelyani and Ellefirasse with a baguette. I’ll bring it as soon as it is ready.”

“Um, could I change…”


Perhaps she couldn’t hear me, because she quickly withdrew. Hmm. This atmosphere. It was like when people tried to feed wasabi to foreigners. I had a bad feeling about it all.


“Now, Asagi. Settle down. You will disturb the other customers.”

“Are you my mother! Damn it, you tricked me. I know you did!”


Daniela just grinned with delight. From the corner of my eye, I saw the young waitress poke her head out and smile as well before disappearing again. Yes, I was about to step on a land mine.


I sighed about ten times before a large red plate came out and was placed in front of me.


A red plate? You’ve got to be kidding me.


Was it food? No.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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