Flower Field Demon King – 16

Chapter 16


Note: ‘Kuders’ will from this point on be spelled ‘Qudels,’ which is the official spelling.


Once Qudels and his team arrived at the village, they were first led to the chief’s house, where they were made to wait in the guest room.

It was here that they would meet those who were responsible for this site.


However, in spite of it being an important moment, Qudels’s enthusiasm was dropping by the second.

“Leader, please don’t put your elbows on the table.”

“I cannot help it, Miss Adelia. After all, aren’t all village chiefs fat, bearded men? How can I not be sad at the prospect of facing such a creature in order to discuss our plans?”


Clearly, he was presently speaking while ignoring the fact that he himself was an old man.

Adelia could only sigh.

However, the person that came to them was…


“Welcome to our village. I am the village chief.”


The person who said this was a woman who had a dark yet delicate air about her.

Perhaps she was the former chief’s wife and had been forced to take his place after his death during the disaster.


Her waist was thin and looked like it could break easily. This suggested a poor diet and poverty.

She had long eyelashes and almond-shaped eyes. And her long black hair went down to the floor as if water falling from the night sky.


While the unkempt hair had split ends that prevented it from reaching perfection, there was something about it that was alluring in its own way.

After all, she seemed like the very embodiment of what some men with certain fixations would dream of.


If Zanatoria were here now, he would have smelled the danger.

But he was not.



In the next instant, Adelia heard what sounded like a switch being turned on.

But before she could find out what it was, Qudels moved forward.


“How wonderful to meet you! I am the leader of this restoration support team, Qudels Tart. I am forty-two and single… What!?”

Just as Qudels was about to take the chief’s hand, there was the sound of flapping cloth, and then he suddenly grabbed his groin and fell to the floor.

Oddly enough, the men behind him also moved to cover their groin at the same moment.


The widow would not have seen it, but the men behind him did.

With unbelievable speed, Adelia had raised Qudels’s robes, and without a moment of hesitation, kicked him hard between the legs.


“I am the deputy leader, Adelia. So, would you be so kind as to explain to us the current situation here?”

Adelia glanced at Qudels from the corner of her eye and then smiled cooly as she introduced herself.


“Miss Adelia…so merciless…gggaah.”

Qudels managed to say before her 12-centimeter heel found itself on his face.

All the while, Adelia smiled pleasantly.


–This was rather severe for a jab.

The men closed their eyes and lamented the situation.


When playing the straight man in a duo, it was always important to know the precise amount of retaliation. You could not make your viewers feel repulsed.

However, Adelia knew nothing of proper degrees.

And so funny man Qudels was to feel the cruel wrath of someone who did not fear God.


Ahh, may the God of comedy’s mercy visit this promised land.

And punish the witch, Adelia.


What was most unfortunate now, was that the one man who was able to point out Qudels’s folly peaceably was not present.

If only he was here, this would not have happened.


And so the men all looked at the ceiling and imagined that man with the carrot-colored hair.

He was forced to stay in town in order to organize the second group.


“I’m sorry. Our leader is usually a very capable man. But he has an illness. When these strokes come, he must be restrained so that he does not hurt anyone.”

“Oh, uh…I see.”

Adelia had a look that would accept no objections, and so the widow could only nod back.

What was most frightening, was that she wasn’t entirely wrong about him.


“Well, then. I will go and have the meeting room prepared. Please wait here for a moment.”


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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