Flower Field Demon King – 16


The chief seemed to shiver but not understand why. She bowed to Adelia and then left the room.


“Phew. I thought I was opening a door to another world.”

Qudels muttered unconcernedly after the chief had gone. He had finally escaped from Adelia’s foot.

As for what new world he was talking about, the other men had a good idea. But since this was Qudels, you could never be too sure what he meant.


“Oh? As you’ve proved to be someone whose eyes drift away while still in front of the women you are trying to seduce, I can only hope you do open a door to a new world. Preferably the underworld.”

As Qudels showed no signs of remorse, Adelia gave him an icy look. But it seemed to have no effect at all.


Not only that,

“I adore how heartless you can be.”

…He flirted with this most revolting line.

However, it suddenly hit Adelia.


“…Do you even know what you are saying?”

“Not really. I copped that from a novel I read the other day.”

It was just as she suspected. And he said it so shamelessly.

She couldn’t help but put her hand on her forehead.


He wasn’t exactly stupid, but he became unbelievably close to it when romance was involved.

She was beginning to understand why. The awkwardness in relationships and the lack of knowledge and the thirst for affection.


“In any case, you must take this seriously. You are forbidden from playing any of your love games during work.”

‘But…’ Qudels began to protest, but Adelia ignored him and began to go through the documents she held in her hands.


The sight of her seemed to awaken the others to their purpose, and the leads of each department began to prepare as well.

It was the moment that they acquired a very valuable skill. The skill of ignoring Qudels when he began his whining.


“Um…I’ve finished preparing for the meeting…is that man alright?”

After some time, a young boy who had been sent by the village chief came to collect the restoration support team.

What he saw was a group of people who eagerly read through their documents, while a single tall man with glasses sat on the floor doing something very different from the others.


What was he doing?

The boy could not hold back his curiosity…


The somewhat surreal sight was of a middle-aged man repeatedly writing the letters ‘no’ into the carpet.

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