Flower Field Demon King – 15

Chapter 15


After accepting Kuders’s proposal, Gunnard contacted the village’s local magistrate through the help of some acquaintances.

They must have wanted people desperately.

Because the magistrate gave his permission immediately.


Such an offer may be met with suspicion. Gunnard had thought, and so he was shocked at the lack of thought the magistrate seemed to put into it…or so he had told Kuders with a laugh.

Of course, there were no other Adventurer’s Guilds that tried to interfere with this agreement, and so the requests for help were instantly rescinded and the new plan was put into action.


…That being said, preparing necessary supplies, which included food, was not something that could be done quickly. And so the slave mansion where Kuders was kept was to make up much of the workforce. But in spite of Kuders having carefully laid out plans, it would take nearly a month for everything to be ready.

And if that were the case, the village was likely to die before any restoration could be started.


So it was decided that for now, they would try to buy some time until the main group arrived.

In just a few days, the first part of the restoration team, which was composed of the minimum amount of supplies and staff, arrived in the ravaged village.


However, there was someone standing next to Kuders who should not have been there…someone who caused everyone’s heads to tilt in confusion.


“So, that is the village.”

“Yes, I do believe it is.”

The words were near meaningless and the voice suggested extreme boredom… It was none other than the evilest woman of the kingdom, Lady Adelia.

Of course, it went without saying that there was great disagreement on this.


“Can I ask you something?”


“Why have you brought me here? If you think that you can seduce me by showing off your achievements, then you will find that such a thing will have the opposite effect.”

Adelia said with a cold look.


If Kuders had ignored all of the protests from the others and brought Adelia to this place, surely it could only have been for that reason.

Everyone thought so.

However, Kuders had been thinking quite differently.


“Ah, I forgot that I hadn’t told you yet. Well, I won’t say that you’re wrong about the seduction part…”

Kuders said as he looked straight into Adelia’s eyes.


“But I mean to make you a central part of this project.”

“Me? I don’t understand.”

If anything, wouldn’t putting such an infamous figure as herself in the center of it have a negative effect on team spirit?

She could think of no reason for Kuders to do this.


“Still, your heart must have fluttered a little just now, did it not?”

As he said this, Adelia’s heart thumped loudly.

Yes, Kuders’s words had made her feel unknown fear, but also known joy.

What was this feeling? It was strangely comforting.


“In the first place… You are most valuable personnel, my lady. I have viewed your school records and debates. And as someone who has spent a lot of time looking through all kinds of personnel, I was very impressed with you. Yes, you are brilliant.”

But in spite of such praise, Adelia was sweating all over.


Ohanabatake no Maousama

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