Flower Field Demon King – 15


What is happening to me?

Her heart was being affected by his words and she felt happy.

Was she some kind of child who craved approval from her parents!


She had once lived a life where praise was offered to her constantly, but she could not remember ever being this affected by it.

This previously unknown feeling was causing the intelligent side of Adelia to set off a warning bell at the loudest volume.

However, before Adelia could think of something to say that would give her the upper hand once again, Kuders’s words flowed back into her ears.


“I was thinking, how many people in this country have knowledge and education to match yours? It was clear to me that having someone like you buried and tormented in that mansion was unfathomably foolish.”


She could hear the words burrowing into her.


Adelia now felt a sense of despair.


His words were too comforting to hear.

Most men would only praise her appearance and occasionally make comment about her good taste.


But this one was different.

No one had ever seriously praised her abilities.

She had been resigned to the fact that her life would be to act as an accessory to a husband and that her abilities would never be known to anyone.


This wasn’t fair…

To think that such a desire had lain secretly within her.

That desire had now been horribly stimulated, and her heart was as a stormy sea.


“I do have one pick up line for you. Would you like to hear it?”

“Very much so. It sounds interesting.”

While she had maintained her calm smile, Adelia’s cheeks were slightly flushed and there was a sparkle in her eyes.

She looked like she was in love.


“Then I won’t hesitate. As one who has been educated to take on the mantle of the future queen…would you not like to test your abilities?”

Once those words were said, Adelia felt as if she had been freed from the thing that was shackling her.


“Hehe. Hahaha. Ahahahahaha!!”

Her very loud and improper laughter would not stop. But she no longer cared.

Why? It seemed as if the world was suddenly shining brightly.

Ahh, why had she felt so depressed for so long!?


“I like the way you think. Many men have tried me before, but none have pleased me as much as you. Yes, I would like to be tested. To be honest, my heart quakes more than it flutters.”


Adelia smiled as if she were about to lick her lips. Her eyes shone with ambition.

Kuders faced her and adjusted his glasses. She looked like a ravenous beast. He grinned.


“A good answer. Now then, from now on you will be my aid. I’m counting on you Adelia, deputy leader.”

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