Shatei Kyokufuri – 8

Data.8 – Oldbowman, Triple


‘Immobile Sniping Stance.’ I needed to stay in one place for 30 seconds in order to activate it.

And so I stayed still, and when 30 seconds had passed, the words ‘Skill can now be activated’ appeared in my vision.

So it wasn’t automatic then. And it didn’t deplete your MP either.

Well, it would suck if a skill with such a demerit activated automatically.

“Immobile Sniping Stance!”

A blue aura then surrounded me quietly.

So, if I attacked like this, my range would be increased by three times.

As my status was 35 and my bow 15, my current maximum range was 50 meters.

And then Archery I added an additional 10 meters for a total of 60.

This meant that I should be able to hit 180 meters now…


I couldn’t even hear the sound of the arrow landing.

That’s how far away the tree trunk was.

Well, I was now stranded here for the next 30 seconds. However, it wasn’t like I couldn’t move at all.

For instance, it was like being trapped in a circle that was just slightly wider than your body.

You could not move out of this circle, but your arms could, and you could even move your legs.

However, I would not be able to lie down.

This would be dangerous if I missed my target and the enemy detected me.

30 seconds just seemed like a flash during everyday life, but it was an eternity during combat.

If I was trying to hit a monster that was moving, they could easily escape if I couldn’t move for 30 seconds.

On the other hand, I would die if I was in a situation where I had to run.


It was very powerful, but could lead to self-destruction if you aren’t careful!

While difficult to use, I was sure that there would be situations where it would be impossible to hit my target without it.

And though there were demerits depending on the situation, having options in terms of attacks meant that I was that much stronger.

“Still, I have a nice selection of skills now.”

◆ Status

Name: Kyuji

Job: Archer

Lv: 7/20

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Attack: 15     

Defense: 8

Magic Attack: 10     

Magic Defense: 6

Speed: 11 

Range: 35

Skill: [Archery I] [Infight Arrow] [Bound Arrow] [Immobile Sniping Stance]

I couldn’t help but feel brought as I looked at the four skills side by side.

“Hmm? There’s a ‘!’ on the item page.”

Aside from your stats, there were pages to show your items and money.

The ‘!’ mark was on the tab you used to change pages.

And so I touched it.

“Let’s see here… You have acquired a weapon that is compatible with your current job!?”

Indeed, there was an unfamiliar bow in the weapon section.

It was called a ‘Spider Shooter.’

Judging by the name, it was probably dropped by the spider monster I had killed.

Well, might as well take a look.

◆ Spider Shooter

Type: Bow

Attack: 20

Range: 30

Weapon Skill: ‘Web Arrow.’

[Web Arrow]

Unleash an arrow that deploys an adhesive net.

Can be activated 8 times a day without depleting MP.

That sounded pretty good?

Obviously, it was superior to the ‘beginner bow.’

That one only had a 7 in Attack.

And this also had double the range.



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  1. Thanks for another great chap!

    Wonder how he plans on tackling the giant gorilla? Multiple web arrows then snipe stance? Or web arrow, bound arrow and inflight arrow?

    Can’t wait to find out!

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