Tensei Kenja – 170

Taming was Dangerous


“So, you didn’t know about that…?”


“Yeah. No one told me.”


“I see… Usually, you would notice how slow the magic recovery is, even if no one told you… But perhaps when you are at the level of being able to use Hellfire of Death twice, it is not noticeable.”


“Well, I also mostly just tamed slimes.”


If the amount of energy depletion was proportionate to the strength of the monster, then slimes might be close to 0.

After all, they were practically harmless in combat.

So in that regard, slimes were probably a good fit for a sorcerer.


“I had thought you had a lot of slimes… But Yuji, have you really tamed nothing else…?”


“There’s also Proud Wolf and Slibird.”


“…Neither of those would consume much energy.”


Apparently, I had been taming very power efficient monsters without knowing it.

Well, perhaps it was because I hadn’t met any strong monsters that I was able to communicate with.

But…dragons seemed like they would be horribly inefficient.


“So, you don’t think I should tame you because I will run out of MP?”


“Yes. If you tame a monster that is too strong for you, your MP will diminish over time. But it may take a while for you to be sucked dry…but if the MP consumption is faster than your recovery speed, then you will be left empty eventually.”


I see. So it’s not like you lost a ton of MP and died the moment you tamed them.

Thinking of it like that, it actually seemed safer than something like ‘Curse of Eternal Tundra.’

That magic felt like it would kill me if I used it while low on energy.


“…Taming can be undone, right? Does that mean it can be temporary, and I could undo it before my magic runs out?”


“That may be fine for a third-rate sorcerer. That is fine… But it is dangerous for an advanced sage. After all, they can ‘exceed the limit and use magic.’ You can do that, can’t you?”


Limit… Did he mean when my MP went below 0?

Yes, I was able to still use magic when that happened.


And when that did, my HP would go down.

It happened practically every time I used Hellfire of Death or Cuse of Eternal Tundra.

I even fainted when using Helffire of Death twice.


“Yeah. I fainted from it once.”


“Fainted. That is why it is dangerous to tame a dragon. Usually, when you faint from that, your MP would slowly recover…but if you’ve tamed a monster that is too strong for you, your MP will continue to go down. That is how Lelior died.”


I see.

Indeed…it was pretty dangerous. If you fainted you were pretty much dead.

And I wouldn’t be able to undo the taming if I was unconscious.


“Alright. I won’t tame you then.”


“That is good. That being said…even if I am not tamed, there is still a way I can cooperate. We should establish a method of communication.”


“What about using the slimes?”


“Ah. Yes, there are slimes in my domain as well. And since they have no sense of caution, it will be easy to tame them.”


So the slimes that lived in the dragon’s territory were also not very cautious…

I guess slimes were just like that no matter where you went.

It was a wonder they hadn’t gone extinct…


“Okay. I might ask for your help one day. Uhh…”


“…Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Baozard. I look forward to working with you, modern sage.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. in around chapter 76 , the cold town arc the guild receptionist said about a great tamer that could also use slime storage. must be Lelior.

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