Tensei Kenja – 155

Security was Lax


It was just as the sun had started to set.

Slibird had gone on ahead and had now arrived in the town of Maneia.

The Proud Wolf and I would reach it in about 30 minutes.


‘I can see it now!’


‘I see it!’


Slibird and the slimes reported.


At a glance, Maneia seemed like an ordinary town.

It didn’t seem like it had tight security at all. It was likely that it wasn’t ‘overrun’ by the Blue Moon of Salvation in the same way that Ordarion was.


…However, when I looked down from the sky, I immediately saw something suspicious.

There was a large mansion on the outskirts.

And within the property was a large crowd of people who were lined up in rows.


All of them were looking outward with serious faces.

It was as if they were cautious about something.


‘…It’s over there.’


I didn’t sense any strange magic coming from the mansion.

If there had been some device inside that could destroy the entire continent, I would have been able to detect it from far away.

In other words, the Universal Purification Device was not in there… But maybe it could point me in the right direction.


‘Should I throw a slime?’


Slibird asked as I looked down.

Indeed, I could throw a slime down there… But there were people around the mansion who were looking at the sky.


So they would be able to see the slime falling down… I could use concealing magic to hide them, but there would still be a noise when they landed.

They would have a better chance of staying hidden if they infiltrated the place by land.


‘…No. They should go by land. Put the slimes down first.’


‘Okay! But, can I throw them?’


‘Sure. But do it in a place where they won’t be seen.’




And so Slibird flew over to a field and threw down the slime.




The discarded slime fell upsidedown towards the ground.

However, as its body was like liquid, it landed without getting hurt.


…Slibird’s treatment of the slimes seemed a little rough, but I suppose it was fine.

Slibird was used to carrying them around, so he wouldn’t do anything that was actually dangerous.


‘You stay up in the air, Slibird. As for you slimes, go and spy on the mansion.’




As the slimes moved towards the mansion, I cast concealment magic on them.

Now they wouldn’t be seen by anyone.


I didn’t know why that mansion was being protected… But I was going to try and find out.

As I thought this, I gave an order to the Proud Wolf.


‘Proud Wolf. When we arrive, stop just outside of the town.’




We still didn’t know if those guards were a part of the Blue Moon of Salvation.

But if they were, it would look very suspicious for a former assassination candidate to walk into the town at this time.

So I would watch from the outside and enter when the need arose.


‘We’re here!’


‘There are so many people!’


The slimes were now at the mansion.

…While there were a lot of people there, there were no magical barriers at all.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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