Two Saints – 65

Return 9 – The Impatient Elf


Getting the world involved? It was this world that pulled us into it all. Maki was about to say this, when Chiharu pulled her shoulder and said,


“Hey, Norfe. I don’t think they are like that. We just saw them on the train.”



Maki looked shocked for a second before replying.


“Oh, yes. Chouze. King Arthur and Prince Edwy were with them as well.”

“And that white-haired elf and the big beastman!”


The blonde elf looked at them with a puzzled expression.


“Two black-eyed and black-haired little girls who are carried by the bird folk. You cannot be anyone but the Saintesses.”


He said. Maki wanted to say something about the ‘little girls’ part, but she held it in.


“Look closely. My hair is dark brown, and so are my eyes. Besides, the birdfolk often carry children.”


She said. Of course, there were no other humans here with hair that was as dark as hers.


“Hmm. I suppose it does look a little brown?”


The elf said as he looked at Maki. Chiharu pressed further.


“Hey, Sauro. Didn’t you also see the Saintesses at the station?”


Sauro was used to this.


“I did. Both of them. They were with Arthur and Zynis.”

“I see… I am sorry then. I mistook you for someone else.”


The elf apologized. At least he was aware of his own rudeness. Of course, he had not actually mistaken them.


“Even if you thought we were someone else, you shouldn’t say such rude things.”


Chiharu said with a serious expression. Then she turned around and urged Maki to hurry up before the others arrived. They could already hear people talking near the gate.


“Sauro, Saikania. Take us to the balcony!”




They left the elf, who looked on as they rose into the bright sky. And in a minute, Maki and Chiharu were returned safely to their room. ‘Don’t look up!’ was the one thought that had been in their heads.


“Lady Maki! Lady Chiharu!”

“Miss Sera!”

“You’re okay! I was so worried!”


Sera had been waiting for them in the room. Her eyes were full of tears.


“Please tell me if there is anything that’s bothering you! I’ll deal with those inlanders for you!”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


Chiharu then recalled all that had happened regarding the inland people. But she was more concerned over the fact that they had caused Sera to worry so much.


“I’m sorry. We thought that telling you about it would put you in trouble, so we kept everything a secret.”

“In trouble! Those people! They were quite stubborn for a while after the economic blockade, but they finally gave in and apologized!”


Economic blockade? Chiharu and Maki looked at each other with surprise. Just then, Sauro entered the room without permission and called to them.


“Maki. Chiharu. Everyone will be here soon. I think they’ll call for you.”


“Sauro! Saikania! You two are to lead your tribe one day, and yet your careless actions have caused us much trouble!”


It was quite true. Chiharu was impressed by Sera’s reading of the situation.


“But, it did help us out in the end so…please don’t blame them too much…”

“Lady Chiharu, you are too generous. They have been nothing but trouble for you since the beginning.”


Chiharu wondered if she was being praised or it was just that the birdfolk were being dissed. Just then, voices rang from the hallway.


“It looks like they came here directly.”


Sauro said. Saikania suddenly started looking at her nails. Birdfolk had wonderful ears.


The voices stopped by the door and became louder. 


“Oh, how rude of them all!”


Sera said with narrowed eyebrows.


“Who is it?”


She asked.


“It’s Edwy.”


Said a voice that was not Edwy’s.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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