Two Saints – 65


“Hey, don’t use my name.”

“True. After all, Arthur is here as well.”


Sera looked towards Maki and Chiharu. They both nodded. It was true that they had returned ahead of the others without saying anything, after all.


“Come in.”


The door opened just as Sera said this.


“Excuse me.”


And then several people entered the room. The person in the front said…


“Ahh! It’s you two!”


It was the blonde elf. Then he saw the birdfolk behind them and became angry.


“And them! I knew it! You lied to me!”


He shouted. Maki sighed with exasperation as Chiharu opened her mouth.


“We didn’t lie.”

“But you suggested that you weren’t the Saintesses.”

“And why should we tell you who we are?”



The elf stumbled.


“But there is no reason to hide it!”

“We wouldn’t have if you were nice.”


Chiharu said quietly. The others all watched in silence.


“Just because we are in the castle, does not mean we are protected by everything. We have to defend ourselves from ill-intentioned people. You said the Saintesses were causing chaos. We aren’t so childish as to expose ourselves in front of people like you.”



He could not say it now. It was merely words that had fallen from his mouth because they had been so small and cute… Just then, Aeris interrupted them.


“Maki. Chiharu.”



“This one is my nephew. He is not yet matured and always worries and is impatient.”


Everyone there wanted to point out that Aeris had just described himself. Or at least, comment on how they were clearly family in that regard.


“I bet he hasn’t even introduced himself yet.”

“Forgive me. I am Van. My mother is Aeris’s younger sister.”


The blonde elf said. Chiharu and Maki saw that they did look a lot alike.


“I thought you were assisting the Prime Minister back at home? Why are you here?”

“That’s right! I shouldn’t be wasting my time here! Nyran! We must go to the elf lands at once! The dungeons are different now, and no one knows what will happen. I thought I would be able to meet you sooner if I just waited here, but now I think I should’ve gone by airship!”


Van said rapidly. The others all looked annoyed. Clearly, this kind of thing was not new to them.


“Really. He is like you when you were all irritated about the Saintess’s arrival. You really are family.”


Grudo said with a laugh as he looked at Aeris. Aeris grimaced.


“Being frantic never speeds anything up.”


He muttered. Even at 300, he still grew and learned.


“Now, Van. We weren’t exactly traveling leisurely ourselves. We returned earlier than the soldiers, after all. But in any case, we shouldn’t talk about this in front of the Saintesses. They are tired. Let’s go to Arthur’s study.”

“Yes, uncle.”


Van said quietly and followed after Aeris. But then…


“I’m sorry to have bothered you. Excuse me.”


He said to them first. And then…


“About my study. I wish you wouldn’t make it your meeting spot without my permission.”


Arthur muttered. He glanced towards Maki and Chiharu before leaving. The others all left as well.


“What did that have to do with us?”

“Was he just venting?”


Maki and Chiharu thought with exasperation.

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