Tensei Kenja – 155


Once I knew this, I ordered the slimes.


‘Alright, surround the mansion.’




And so the slimes moved to make a circle around the mansion.

I wanted to see which parts had the weakest security before going inside.


Also…we would be able to see immediately if anyone was going in or out of the building.

If I saw anything suspicious, I could have Slibird or Proud Wolf follow them.


As I considered this…two men started to talk by the door of the mansion.

One of them was a knight with very strong-looking armor.

The other looked like a nobleman.


‘…Is the security net sound?”


The nobleman asked.

Apparently, this man had given the order.


‘Yes. We have over 200 people guarding this place day and night.’


‘Our goal is finally being realized. Keep that in mind.’


‘Of course! We won’t even let a single slime slip through our defenses!’


The knight proudly declared.

Not a single slime, huh?


Well, I wanted to accept that challenge.

Of course, I would have sent them in regardless.


‘…Can you guys get in?’




The slimes answered as they started to move in.

As for the guards surrounding it with their glimmering eyes…they didn’t notice the slimes at all.


In spite of the knight saying that ‘not a single slime would slip through’, my slimes were passing through very quickly.

Concealment magic made the eyes of human guards useless.


‘I got in!’


“They haven’t seen us!’


‘It was so easy!’


And so not a single slime was found as they entered the mansion. 

Now… It was time to see what the Blue Moon of Salvation was up to.

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  1. I feel like the funniest thing to do would’ve been to have one slime – just one – roll across that guy’s foot as the camouflage magic was dispelled for just that one slime. Comedic timing. Slime might have been kicked flying, but worst case scenario, MC would just give it a barrier to block whatever actual attack went its way. And they most likely would have assumed that that one slime had been inside the security net from the start.

  2. “They haven’t seen us!’ -> ‘They haven’t seen us!’

    ‘No slime can pass by us” while several hundreds pass by, giggling while invisible. Those adorable magical puddings deserve some meats after this. But, somehow this meetings feels not related to those crazy and very cautious terrorists.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. minor mistake,
    Also…we would be able to see immediately it anyone was going in or out of the building. -> Also…we would be able to see immediately if anyone was going in or out of the building.

    thanks for the chapter!

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