Tensei Kenja – 99

It Seemed to Have Gone Well


‘Won’t he notice us if we get that close?’


‘He’s an Adventurer who is fighting in the forest. As long as we don’t get closer than 10 meters, we should be fine. …And even if he does see us, we can just act like normal Adventurers.’


The assassins said as they got closer—in the meantime, the battle started.

The Proud Wolf bit into one of the Rush Bulls.




The Rush Bull let out a howl filled with anger and pain.

However, the Proud Wolf was merciless.


‘It’s been a while since I was in a real fight, but it’s fun!’


The Proud Wolf said happily.

But after taking down 2 Rush Bulls—the Proud Wolf missed one of his prey.


A Rush Bull had escaped his attacks and was charging towards me.


‘Ah, you bastard! You weakling! Come back here and die!’


The Proud Wolf said these embarrassing lines as he chased after the Rush Bull. But it was clear that he wouldn’t make it in time.

The Rush Bull was quite fast.


“…I have no choice.”


I said as I took out a sword I had made before.

I often carried a sword with me, so it shouldn’t look too suspicious if I used it now.


‘That wolf…he seemed quite capable, but he’s let one go.’


‘Aye. And now Yuji has taken out his sword. Just like the rumors said.’


As the assassins talked, the Rush Bull charged towards me.

And so I held my sword up, ready to attack.




‘…The way he holds the sword. Isn’t it a bit clumsy?’


‘He looks like a novice…’


It was quite rude for them to follow me and then criticize the way I held my sword. I was almost distracted by that.

Still—I swung down at the charging Rush Bull.


It easily went through the thick fur of the Rush Bull–and the monster split into two.

…Uh, I might have gone too far.


I was worried, but waited to hear the reaction of the assassins.


‘…While it was E-Rank, he still killed it with his sword in one hit. …Does that seem likely considering how he can’t even hold a sword properly?’


‘Are you blind? Yes, he cannot hold a sword. But his hands were steady when he swung. …It’s almost a waste that he’s a Tamer. Now I know why headquarters thought he might be dangerous.’


So they rated my attack very highly then.

But what would they do now…


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Just how big are those bulls? If they are as big as real bulls, then those assassins are quite stupid. You don’t upsy cut a whole animal in two with a sword just by using great skill. On the other hand, I don’t know the normal standard for strength in that world, so it’s fine.
    Not enough puddings in here. Already missing those adorable jelly beans.

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