Tensei Kenja – 99


‘But, could he be a threat to us?’


One of them asked the question that I had been wondering.

The other assassin answered.


‘Of course, not! I don’t care how good he is with a sword. Someone who looks so serious while fighting a Rush Bull is of no significance to the Blue Moon of Salvation.’


‘…I agree with you.’


But then the other assassin continued.


‘…He won’t be a threat, but I’d still like to kill him. Can I please kill him? We can just tell them that he was actually quite strong.’


‘You can do what you want, but I will make an accurate report. …I don’t want to be held responsible and killed alongside you when they find out the truth.’


‘Tsk. …Fine. Let’s go then.’


And so one of them started to walk away.

Apparently, they were going to stop following me.


‘We’re finished then?’


‘Aye. It’s not fun looking at someone I’m not even allowed to kill.’


‘I don’t really agree with you about killing being fun…but you’re right that there is no point in following him now. Let’s go to the next mission.’


So saying, the other one also stopped monitoring me and moved away.

It seemed that I had succeeded in fooling them until the end.


‘Great! …So, who is the next target?’


‘The next candidate for assassination is…Father Shtyle. But first, we should report to headquarters.’


‘We might as well kill him first and then make the report! I don’t care who it is, I want to go and kill someone!’




…Now, I would have to monitor them and see where they were going.

Hopefully, they would go to their headquarters next. That would make me very happy.

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  1. Just… kill them… or capture them… they themselves have said multiple times that they’re member of a terrorist organization, and had expressed intent and willingness to kill him on numerous occasions. He could say that if he’s questioned about killing them, or even deny ever laying eyes on them, since he’d only seen them by sharing his senses with his slimes, which don’t have eyes, and it’d hold up under that truth-stone thing that was used when talking about killing the bandits way back when. Probably. Those things tend to be portrayed as things that can only really catch full lies, and not lies relying on those sorts of technicalities, or people lying by omission. Half-truths, in other words.

    • Oh don’t worry. I’ve read enough novels to realize where this is going. Those two are not going to live much longer. But it would be best to wait for them to report to the HQ, then kill them but also make it as if they killed each other, since they do tend to argue. Simply killing them at this point would be a waste of his time.

      That HQ might be in need of some cleaning, nuclear style. I mean, when you see some really difficult to clean dirt, like those terrorists, suicidal idiots, and curse stones, then a nice ol’ hellfire of destruction might just be the thing, you know.

  2. The reason he doesn’t want to kill them yet is because he wants to follow them back to their base, even if he can’t find the base he should at least be able to find other assassins, which is much better than just killing two. He also doesn’t want them to know he can easily kill 2 assassins

  3. No slime activity? Now I miss the times they were saying ‘grass is delicious’ or ‘let’s kill those boars’ and such. That wolf is a bit… actually it’s quite a disappointing pupper. Oh well, he’s a ride for those adorable puddings. I guess, next time it’s nuke time? 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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