Tensei Kenja – 100




And then an hour passed.

I returned to the inn and continued to monitor the enemy through the slimes…and then the enemy started to do something.


They had entered a building that was hidden inside a forest–and they began to pull away the floorboards.


“So that’s how they hide it…”


From the outside, the building just looked like a small shed where hunters would store their supplies.

But it seemed that opening the floorboards revealed a passage to their base.


‘Are you sure that we aren’t being followed?’


‘Yeah. We’re good.’


The two assassins said as they looked around before going in.

And then the floorboards were closed over them.


As the slimes were hiding away from them, they were shut out…


‘Slimes. Can you get in?’


‘No problem!’


The slimes said as they slipped through a small crack between the boards.

If you wanted to keep a slime out of something, it had to be so tight that water could not seep through.


And the enemy had not been so thorough.

Well, it was an unnecessary measure unless your enemy was a slime.




The assassin didn’t even say his name as he began to talk into a magic communication device.

After a short pause, a cold, calm voice came from the other end.


‘What’s the situation?’


‘We followed the Adventurer Yuji. But he’s no threat to our order. This is a man who takes E-Rank quests seriously.’


‘…Isn’t there a chance he realized he was being followed and so pretended to be a normal Adventurer? Isn’t he a B-Rank Scout?’


So they even knew that I was a scout.

Well, it was clear that I hadn’t been put on their list by accident.


‘That’s impossible. He showed no signs of noticing that we were following him. …Besides, there is no way any human would have taken notice, the way we were following him.’


‘Scouts have that certificate because of their ability to track monsters. It requires different skills when dealing with humans.’


‘…Very well, then. Now, go on to the next mission.’


The calm voice continued.

It seemed that though they had finished one mission, there was no time to rest when you were an assassin.


‘Tailing Father Shtyle? …Can’t you let us just assassinate him instead?’


‘…Matters have made it necessary to postpone the monitoring of Father Shtyle. But as you wish, the next mission is an assassination.’




One of the assassins cried out with glee.

I couldn’t understand why he was so happy about killing…but I was glad that the next mission was an assassination.


Because if it had been another tailing mission, they might think the next target was the one to kill the assassins. And that wouldn’t end well for the target.

And I wanted to avoid making things worse for others.


‘The assassination target is Adventurer Goda. Can you do it?’


‘I don’t care as long as I can kill them. We’ll contact you when it’s done.’


So saying, the assassin broke the connection.

Then they pushed away the floorboards. One of them started shouting.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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