Tensei Kenja – 100


‘Yes! Let’s go and kill!’


‘Yeah. I want to get this over with.’


…It seemed that I wouldn’t be getting any more information from them.

Unfortunately, the enemy had not gone directly to their headquarters. They just contacted them with this device.


I thought regretfully as I activated some magic.


‘Magic Transfer—Area Freeze – Medium.’


When I said this, the magic was unleashed from the slime.

And before they knew what was happening, the two assassins were frozen to death.


‘Now… Go and gather anything that could be useful.’




So saying, the slimes started to pick up things off of the floor.

As these assassins looked like they were at the bottom of the organization, it didn’t seem likely that there would be much…but anything was better than nothing.


In a short while, the shed became completely empty.



‘All right, now get away from there! I’m going to set it on fire!’


‘You’re going to burn it?’


‘Yeah. …Because if I don’t, the enemy will know that I used ice magic. I’m going to destroy the evidence.’




And so the slimes left the shed.

Once I saw that they were gone, I chanted the words.


‘Magic transfer–Fireball.’


And then the structure went up in flames.

It would not take long for the whole thing to burn up completely.

Had I used their communication device, I might have gotten more information—but it was possible that they would end up detecting me instead, and so I didn’t.


‘Continue to watch the shed. …Members of the Blue Moon of Salvation might come to see what’s happening.’


They would find it suspicious that they are no longer able to contact them.

And so if I left slimes there, I might be able to track the members who came to see what had happened. And they could lead me to their base.


…But then again, the enemy might think it’s dangerous and not come at all.


‘Okay! …How long should we watch?’


‘For 2 days. If it’s hard, you can take turns.’


‘2 days is nothing! Besides, there’s lots of tasty food here!’


The slimes said as they started to eat the grass that was growing around the shed.

Slimes were very good at adapting to their environment.

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  1. with that we caught up with the latest agailable raw manga chapter. Do note some people want to spare one of them because …..reason..wink wink

  2. Congratulation on reaching the 100th chapter! Nice smile adventure, getting some assassins frozen to death, burn the hut, and then just casually go enjoy the grass around, adorable 😀
    Thanks for the awesome translation! God bless you!

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