Tensei Kenja – 48

I Was Able To Save MP


‘Yuji! It’s midday now!’



I woke up to the sounds of slimes.

They had also woken up Tina and Lisa, and we all came out of our tents at the same time.


‘Good job guys. …Did anything happening during the night?’


‘No!’ ‘No!’ ‘No!’


They shouted together.

Apparently, everything had been peaceful.


“Alright, everyone is awake then. We’ll leave here in fifteen minutes.”


Tina gave the order as she looked around.


“Got it.”


“Understood. …Should I have the slimes carry our things?”


So saying, I folded up my tent and handed it to a slime.

I had been hiding their ‘Slime Storage’ feature up until now, but since Rodis was gone, I didn’t feel like it was still necessary.


“What? You can do that!?”


“Oh, this is going to be so much easier now!”


Tina and Lisa looked in awe as the slime stored things that were bigger than it.


“Yeah. Though, I’m not sure what would happen if something happened to the slime.”


“…When you put it that way, I feel a little nervous… After all, they are just slimes, even if they can fight a little…”


Tina started to have doubts.

Then the slime turned to me and said.


‘Even if I died, the other slimes would carry the stuff! …But please don’t let me die!’


…Apparently, they could pass the stuff on to other slimes when they died.

That was a lot better than the stuff being destroyed or scattered everywhere.

Though, I would have to explain it to Tina, as she could not hear the slime’s voice.


“Alright, I’ll just have them carry things that aren’t so important. Is that fine with you?”


“Me too!”


They came to this conclusion before I could explain to them what would happen if the slime died. Still, it made sense that they would not want to leave their valuables with some monster.


“Yeah, that’s fine.”


“Thank you! …It would help a lot.”




And so Tina and Lisa gave some of their baggage to the slime.

As it was not a particularly long quest, they didn’t have that much stuff…so it was about 5 kilograms in all.

But that would still have a big effect on their mobility.


And so we continued on our quest, now traveling much lighter.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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