Tensei Kenja – 48


“As it is just us three today, I will be in the front and Lisa in the back. Yuji, use what magic you can spare to get rid of any monsters that approach us.”


“Got it.”




And so we entered formation and made our way deeper into the forest.

Around us, the slimes created a security net.


…It was known for being a dangerous forest, and so there were lots of monsters to detect.

I would quickly run out of MP if I killed every one we saw.


Well, there shouldn’t be any problem with only killing the ones that got close.

I thought as I targeted a monster that entered a slime’s vision.


…But on the other hand, this was a good opportunity to test different kinds of magic, so it would be a waste to just use the same magic over and over again.

I wanted to search for more useful magic while I had the chance.


However, I was also scared that I might accidentally use something like Hellfire of Death and cause mass devastation. And of course, it would completely deplete my MP.

If only there was a way to search for magic that didn’t use much MP… As I wondered this, a certain spell entered my mind.


‘MP Limiter.’

Apparently, it allowed you to limit what magic you could use by the amount of MP.


…That was convenient. How had I not noticed it before?


Well, it was probably because I hadn’t acquired it through reading a book, but it was acquired because a slime read it for me.

It seemed that with magic acquired through slimes, I only remembered them when I first thought about using them.


I considered this as I searched through my magic.

Unlike most times, most of the magic that appeared in my head seemed to be quite weak.

It seemed that when using the MP Limiter, I couldn’t even remember any magic that used a lot of MP. That was neat.


However, I still had no idea what the actual limit was.

In that case, perhaps I could…


‘MP Limiter, Limit: 10.’


I chanted silently. Then the number of spells I could think of decreased.

So I could actually adjust the amount of MP depletion then.

I might as well drop it to the lowest then.


‘MP Limiter. Limit: 1.’


I chanted…now only 4 spells remained.

They were ‘Weak Fire Bullet,’ ‘Gravel Bullet,’ ‘Water Supply,’ and ‘Wind Cut.’

All of them used 1 MP.


And so I decided to test all of them one by one.

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Translator: Hello, thanks for reading. It’s that time again! 10 Years After doesn’t have that many chapters left until completion. I am therefore looking for something to replace it, so please suggest something you are interested in!

I won’t rule anything out(as long as it is a Japanese WEB NOVEL) but I am more likely to pick something up if the chapters aren’t terribly long. Cheers.

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    • Both were dropped because they have been officially licensed in English. The first one is from JNC and has already 4 volumes out with the 5th one coming soon. The second one is from Yen Press and the first volume is coming out at the end of October in ~1 month.

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