Tensei Kenja – 170



A few hours later.

I had tamed the slimes that lived in Baozard’s land, and was performing a communication test.


‘Uh. Can you hear me?’


‘I can hear you with no problem. What is the situation there?’


‘Right now, I sent the slimes into the base of the Blue Moon of Salvation so they can scout out the place.’


I said. Then I used Shared Senses to see what they were seeing.

The slimes were currently in the meeting room.

Apparently, they had already heard about the destruction of the Universal Purification Device. The room was surrounded in a dark atmosphere.


“It’s over…”


I could hear one of the members groan.

I had been worried about the possibility of some secret trump card…but it looked like I was wrong.


“How long do we have until the dragon returns?”


“Barely any. There is still time until the return of the Black Dragon of Destruction…but the Red Dragon Herald should return any moment now.”


“This is horrible…can we do something?”


“It’s impossible. The Universal Purification Device was our last hope. But now that we have lost the machine and the source of power, there is nothing that we can do.”


From what I heard…some dragon called the ‘Red Dragon Herald’ was going to return.

Well, there was no guarantee that the Blue Moon of Salvation had accurate information, but… Since it was true that they had mysterious technology, it was very possible that this dragon would appear. 

I hoped it would be a dragon that could be killed with Hellfire of Death, but if it was like the Blue Dragon of Delight, then things would get very bad.


“…So there’s nothing we can do. If only we could repair the Universal Purification Device, we could have done something…”


“It destroyed it during its escape. What an accursed dragon it was.”


“But it’s possible that a human was involved. Only the most advanced dispelling magic would have been able to do anything about those stakes.”



I had really wanted them to assume it was all the dragon’s work…but they were getting suspicious now.

That being said, even if they knew a human was involved, they still didn’t seem to know that it was me.

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  1. It would be nice if those crazy terrorists really were done. It might be my sarcastic side, but I think all that cursing they did might have caused the whole incoming apocaliptic dragons scenario. Well, that would be a nice slap in the face for them.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. Now kill them all while they’re all together. They’re probably the leaders, so killing them pretty much disables the terrorist group. Of course, the killer members of the group will still remain, but now they’ll be easier to deal with since nobody is leading them properly.

    • The leaders of the group are the ones with a cause, kill them, and there’s no one to stop the indiscriminate killers from rampaging. So all those cover villages would probably empty out, as all the murderers go out to play.

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