Tensei Kenja – 55

There Was Something Suspicious About The Clouds


The next day.

We were all gathered together in the guild’s meeting room.


This meeting room was bigger than the one we were in last time.

About twenty people had gathered, giving it the feeling of a rather large meeting.

There were officials and Adventurers and guild workers and even a priest.


“We have gathered here today to discuss the ‘Blue Dragon of Delight.’”


The manager declared once we had all settled.

Apparently, that’s what they called the dragon.


And since it had a name, it must have been seen in the past as well.

As I considered this, the manager opened his mouth again.


“The Blue Dragon of Delight was discovered by the party of Adventurers who were investigating the Earth Dragon. It is very different from any known monster, in fact, there are no other dragons that are like it… Is that right?”


The man who was sitting next to the manager answered.


“That is correct. At least, there is no such dragon in any of the records that the guild possesses. …That is, if this picture is accurate? It is very detailed and even in color. I cannot believe that someone was able to draw this right in front of a monster. Perhaps they drew it later based on vague memories?”


“…I felt so too. But the Adventurer, Yuji, claims it is the ability of his slimes. …Yuji, could you perhaps create an illustration for the Earth Dragon as well?”


The manager asked as he slid me a sheet of paper.

He wanted to know how trustworthy this ‘Thoughtography’ was, and so they would test it with a monster whose appearance they recognized.

Thankfully, ‘Thoughtography’ did not use much MP, so I could use it casually.


As I had put the blame on the slimes, I placed one slime on the paper for show and then chanted.


‘Magic Transfer—Thoughtography.’


And then an image of an Earth Dragon appeared on the paper.

As last time, it was in color.




“It-it’s a perfect Earth Dragon… To create such a perfect image in a second. What kind of monster is that slime…”


“Would you sell your slime to me? I will give you a million…no, two million!”


The meeting turned into chaos once the picture was complete.

Unfortunately, they were now ignoring the purpose of the meeting and began to negotiate prices.

In the first place, ‘Thoughtography’ was my own magic, so there was no point in buying my slime.


“So, now you understand how special Yuji’s slime is? So this picture must be accurate.”


“…I see. However, that means that the book is the only resource we have about this monster.”


The man said as he pointed at the single volume held by the small priest.

It was old and worn. You could not even read the title.


“But the sky is bright, so I don’t think it is…”


The priest said with anxious eyes as he looked at the old book.

It seemed that something was bothering him.


“In any case, couldn’t you explain to us about the monster in that book? I heard of a similar monster being described in myth. But I have never heard of an actual blue dragon.”


The manager said. The priest answered,


“Of course, you wouldn’t have. This myth is not well-known and most of it is unreadable. It is practically a miracle that I can read this page.”


The priest said as he carefully opened the book.

It was so old that to handle it roughly would cause the pages to fall out.


And in this book…was the exact same dragon that I had seen.


“…Yes, it is very similar in appearance. So, what kind of monster is this dragon within the myth?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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